Four Year Pledge

Pledge Admission and Program Eligibility Requirements:
Program Application:
Program Document Requirements: 
4yr Pledge Contract:

4yr Curriculum Planner:

      • ALL NEWLY ACCEPTED student to the four year pledge program need to submit a Four Year Curriculum Planner by the STRICT deadline
      • The curriculum planner will need to be reviewed and approved by an advisor in the Engineering Advising Center
      • When meeting with an advisor, please come prepared with the planner COMPLETELY FILLED OUT
      • To fill out the planner, use the curriculum sheet and road map based on the major and curriculum year at time of entry to the university

Quarterly Priority Registration Planner:

    • Quarterly priority registration planner must be submitted for each quarter to receive priority registration
    • Only planners that are submitted by the STRICT deadline, which will vary by quarter, will be accepted for priority registration
    • Not submitting a priority planner for 2 or more quarters (not including Summer) in a row, will make a student no longer be eligible to participate in the Four Year Pledge program