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The information below is to assist students in the Chemical & Materials Engineering Department in becoming more proactive in their academic career planning and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Please take the time to read this and familiarize yourself with the information, which should save you time in searching for answers. Suggestions on topics to add here are welcome, just let Ms. Alice Tokunaga know either by stopping by the Department Office (17-2124) or by e-mail to


The University has informed all students that their Cal Poly Pomona e-mail address is where all information related to University policies, procedure, news, deadlines etc., is sent In addition, Alice sends out regular e-mails regarding Department and student club information as well as job opportunities with companies that are looking for chemical engineering students, including part-time and internship positions. Please get into the habit of checking your Cal Poly Pomona e-mail account on a regular basis, at least two or three times a week. Although you can forward your Cal Poly e-mail to a personal e-mail account, this is not recommended as if for some reason it does not forward, saying you did not receive the information is not considered an excuse.


Freshmen entering the program are assigned to an advisor in the College of Engineering Advising Center. In the sophomore year they will be assigned an advisor in the CME department who typically will monitor their progress until they graduate. During the first week of Fall Semester a list of students and their advisors are posted in the display case outside the Department Office. Advisor‘s office hours are posted outside each advisor‘s office and outside the Department Office along with their room number, phone number and e-mail address. If your advisor‘s office hours conflict with your class schedule, please either call or e-mail them to set up an appointment at another time.

Students are considered to be on academic probation whenever their overall grade-point average (GPA) or Cal Poly Pomona GPA falls below 2.0. In order to provide more proactive advising, PeopleSoft automatically places an advising hold on all students whose overall or Cal Poly Pomona GPA is less than 2.2. Students with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.2 are considered “at-risk”. Such students cannot register for classes unless they first see their academic advisor. Prior to seeing your advisor, you should have your Advising Form filled out. After counseling, the student fills out a special form that outlines a plan to raise his/her GPA. These may be found in the Department Office. Once you meet with your advisor, bring your signed Advising Form to Alice (17-2124) to have your hold removed. Make sure that you see your advisor in plenty of time prior to your registration time. Once the advising hold from the Department is removed, it is a good idea for you to periodically check your hold screen in Bronco Direct as holds are placed by other offices on campus (Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Health Center, Financial Services etc.) for various reasons and at different times throughout the semester. You will also need to clear those up in order to either register for classes or to pay fees.

If you have questions on which GE classes to take, refer to your curriculum sheet or the University Catalog for your curriculum year where courses are listed under General Education.


Many forms you need (General Academic Petition, Grad Check, Petition to Drop, Transcript Requests etc.,) are available for you online to print out. Visit the University Forms & Services web page to familiarize yourself with the forms available,

Grad check info:

Reimbursement for Expenses

Occasionally the department will assist students with the cost of supplies and/or materials needed for a project they are working on, or help with travel funds to present a paper or attend a conference. If your faculty project advisor indicates that the department will pay some or all of the cost, please see Alice before purchasing anything. The Department can order these items for you, or in some cases the student can purchase the materials themselves and be reimbursed.

If you are being reimbursed for an item authorized by the department the following is necessary.

  1. You must have a receipt for all purchases. For cash purchases the store receipt is adequate. For credit/debit card purchases you need the store receipt and your credit/debit card statement showing the transaction has been posted to your account.
  2. On credit/debit card statements you may cross out all personal information related to your credit/debit account except for your name and address, the portion of your card number shown on your statement, and the information on the purchase you are requesting reimbursement form. Bring everything to Alice and she will show you where to access the appropriate form to fill out along with a detailed handout on how to fill it out. Return the completed and signed form to her and she will obtain the proper signatures and submit the forms to the appropriate office. Allow at least two weeks before you receive your check. The check will be mailed to you.

If you are traveling with departmental approval, you must fill out an Authorization to Travel (1A) form prior to your trip. This should be filled out as soon as you know the travel has been authorized. See Alice for this form.

College of Engineering Student Handbook