Engineering Student Ambassador

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What are the benefits of becoming College of Engineering Student Ambassador?

The Engineering Student Ambassador (ESA) selection process is highly competitive. The ESA program provides an extremely valuable leadership experience reflecting a commitment to academics and the willingness to excel. ESAs are role models with strong character that will gain transferable personal and professional development skills and benefits, including:

  • Leadership experience and skills
  • Enhanced knowledge of Cal Poly Pomona, College of Engineering, and the campus community
  • Strengthened communication and public speaking skills
  • Office administration experience
  • Professional recommendation opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with engineering faculty, industry, alumni, and university leadership
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with engineering’s new students, current students, and student families
  • Engineering swag and apparel
  • Opportunities for free meals and snacks


Student Ambassador Qualifications

  • Be a currently enrolled Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering sophomore, junior, or senior student in the College of Engineering
  • Minimum 2.50 GPA
  • Ability to positively represent Cal Poly Pomona and the College of Engineering
  • Attend one-day long training session each semester
  • Commit to a minimum of one year of service
  • Attend one monthly general meeting at U-hour
  • Volunteer at least 3 hours each month 
  • Willingness to volunteer when needed
  • Confident attitude with ability to community effectively
  • Highly motivated, dependable, detail-oriented, and energetic
  • Strong sense of professionalism
  • Must be open to participate in some pre-scheduled day, evening and weekend events


Required Time Commitment

The ESA program was designed to be flexible with student schedules. ESAs are expected to serve a year and meet the qualifications. Students are expected to provide at least 3 hours of service each month and attend one monthly U-hour meeting for a total of 4 hours per month. The 3 hours of service could include volunteering to assist with college events, local outreach, scheduling or providing lab tours, or representation at a community or campus event.

To download an application please visit: Application Form

The application period for the Engineering Student Ambassador program is open for spring 2020. Please submit the application by February 28, 2020 to