Engineering Student Ambassador

Meet the Team

2018-2019 Engineering Student Ambassadors

Ralph Agbayani

Industrial Engineering 

Ralph’s best experience as a CPP Engineer came during the Fall 2018 semester, when he joined the Cal Poly Rose Float Team. He learned how to cut and bend pencil steel, weld structures, and learn the many steps it takes to bring a parade float to life. All the hard work paid off on Jan. 1st, when the float was admired by people all over the world. This experience will also benefit Ralph’s career goal—to work in the themed-entertainment industry.  

Zareen Ahmed

Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Science, Technology and Society

Zareen’s favorite moments as a Cal Poly Pomona engineering student have all taken place in classes requiring hands-on projects. One standout experience (albeit a stressful one) was her time in the manufacturing lab, where every lab focused on a different manufacturing process. She began each lab feeling confused, but by the end, she had always learned a new skill. Zareen hopes to use her knowledge to pursue a career in mechanical design, and help create a more environmentally sustainable future.

Andres Colon

Computer Engineering
Minor in Culinology

Andres’ favorite student experience to date has been joining the Liquid Rocket Program, which showed him practical applications to content he learned in the classroom—even the most basic concepts. The program also helped Andres get to know other students and improve his communication skills, especially with people from different majors. Eventually, Andres hopes to work with computer hardware and software, and his time spent in Cal Poly Pomona labs is helping him narrow down his career choices.

Lauren Grudzien

Industrial Engineering

Lauren’s favorite aspect of Cal Poly Pomona is its learn by doing paradigm. She values the many opportunities for hands-on work, studying real-life examples and learning through experience. All of it has given Lauren the chance to dive into her major coursework early—unlike other universities where students don’t learn core material until they are upperclassmen. Today, Lauren is already earning her Six Sigma Green Belt to hone skills in process and quality project improvement, which she hopes to use for future internships and, eventually, her career.


Katrina Gumushian

Industrial Engineering
Minor in Business Administration

For Katrina, the College of Engineering has played an important role in not only helping her find her passion in industrial engineering, but also in building friendships and networking with industry professionals. These relationships have helped Katrina obtain a number of internships and differentiate herself from students at other institutions. She now looks forward to life after graduation, where she hopes to apply her engineering skills to eliminate waste, optimize processes, monitor finances and improve customer perception.

Megan Jones

Chemical Engineering
Minor in Materials Engineering  

Megan says her best experience as an engineering student is all the time she spent in the labs. In her materials engineering lab, for example, she gained hands-on experience putting steels through their respective heat-treating processes. Experiences like these expanded Megan’s materials knowledge, which in turn, helped her land an internship for the Office of Naval Research in the Materials Lab this summer. Her career goal is to work as a materials engineer for the Department of Defense.

RIley Mariol

Manufacturing Engineering

As an Engineering Student Ambassador, Riley’s favorite experience was attending a meeting of the Dean’s Leadership Council and having the chance to talk with industry leaders who were willing to mentor and help young engineers. Riley currently works as a CNC programmer for a machine shop that serves aerospace clients, and his long-term career goal is to push the limits of the CNC machining industry and help bring American manufacturing back to the forefront of technology.

Minna Mattis

Mechanical Engineering
Minors in Energy Engineering and Mathematics

As an engineering student, Minna’s most meaningful experiences have come from doing outreach. Educating and inspiring young students, especially young girls, to pursue STEM has been a truly fulfilling experience for Minna—and one that has allowed her to give back to the community in the best way she knows how. One day, Minna hopes to have a real impact on preserving the earth’s wonders, and ensuring that future generations have access to adequate, reliable and sustainable energy.

Abel Medina

Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology

Abel’s best student experiences came while learning with his study group in his sophomore year. Thanks to that time—plus plenty of office hours with his professor—Abel achieved straight A’s in dynamics, fluids and machine elements, setting the stage for him to successfully self-study and achieve an A in finite elements. Abel’s career goal is to work for an engineering company like Boeing or Raytheon, and eventually, start his own company focused on future enterprises in space travel.

DaJohn Murray

Chemical Engineering

For DaJohn, it’s hard to choose his single favorite experience as an engineering student, since two really stand out. One was his research group being chosen to represent the chemical and materials engineering department at the annual Engineering Project Showcase. The second highlight was being selected for an internship at the Chevron oil refining facility. One thing is certain, however. Both experiences are helping DaJohn prepare to excel in his future engineering career, where he hopes to deliver results, move up to management and eventually become a leader.

Madison Ridley

Chemical Engineering

Aside from Cal Poly Pomona’s learn by doing paradigm and the numerous opportunities for students to work in labs, Madison’s best experience as an engineering student has been the incredible friendships she has made through classes and social events. The college has also helped prepare her for interviews that require technical answers and critical thinking. After graduation, Madison hopes to work for an amazing company that reflects her personal values—for example, one that places a high priority on community service.

Carlos Rivera

Mechanical Engineering

Carlos’ favorite experience to date as an engineering student is working together with a team to complete his first major project. Once he saw the project functioning correctly at the presentation, he was thrilled—it was his first successful project on his journey to become a mechanical engineer. Once Carlos graduates, he wants to pursue a master’s degree, become a professional engineer and, eventually, work on a robotic prosthetics project to help those in need.

Trisha Satish

Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Entrepreneurship

As a freshman, Trisha was given a great outreach opportunity—to teach elementary students how to create and code Lego robots as part of a special STEM study class. The experience culminated in friendships, fun, knowledge and a successful Robot Rally. Trisha’s work to inspire and educate the next generation will surely benefit her long-term career goal, which is to create her own nonprofit biomedical technology organization that bridges the gap between healthcare and medical technology in developing countries.

Jose Ernesto Talavera

Civil Engineering – Environmental Option

One of Jose’s favorite experiences in college happened because he is an Engineering Student Ambassador. He attended a meeting held by the Dean’s Leadership Board where he was able to meet presidents, vice presidents and CEOs of various engineering companies. While networking with these leaders, Jose received meaningful career advice for his own future. Jose’s career goal is to apply himself as a civil engineer to positively impact the environment through disciplines like water treatment or sustainable design.