Engineering Student Ambassador

Meet the Team

2019-2020 Engineering Student Ambassadors

Zareen Ahmed

Mechanical Engineering
Minor in Science, Technology and Society

Zareen’s favorite memories at Cal Poly Pomona have taken place in her classes that required her to do hands-on projects. Even though some of the classes were stressful, her experiences of learning how to apply her knowledge aided her in comprehending her projects. She has worked as a robotics instructor at STEM Center USA. Zareen’s goal for the future is to use her degree to pursue a career in mechanical design in a company that works towards creating an environmentally sustainable future.


Doug Amato

Aerospace Engineering

Doug's favorite aspect at Cal Poly Pomona is all the friends he made in the aerospace department. He says he would not be where he is today if not for them and hopes that one day they will all be in industry together. He interned as a systems engineer at the Science Applications International Corporation. After graduation, he hopes to be a director of a program for an aerospace company and working as a team to deliver results.

Brian Cervantes

Civil Engineering

Brian’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona is taking civil engineering lab courses since it has hands-on projects that relate to real-life scenarios. Through completing these courses, he solves problems and communicates his findings concerning civil engineering topics. Brian is involved with leadership roles on campus as the philanthropy chair of Pi Kappa Phi and the vice president internal of the College of Engineering student council. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a master’s degree in business administration.


Megan Chiang

Mechanical Engineering

Megan’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona is working on the projects in her lab courses as well as her engineering club. She values the hands-on experience she gets from the labs as it aids her in understanding the accompanying material. Megan’s goal for the future consists of gaining a leadership position in her respective career. She hopes to use her problem-solving skills to be a valuable member in her future position.

Andres Colon

Computer Engineering
Minor in Culinology

Andres’ favorite student experience has been working in the Liquid Rocket Program campus, even during late hours. He also worked at Exquadrum as an engineering intern where he worked on projects related to software and hardware aspects of rocket testing, and creating a device from the ground up to test these aspects. After graduation, Andres hopes to work in the aerospace industry.


Zhixuan (Victor) Ding

Industrial Engineering

Zhixuan (Victor) is an international student, and his favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona was being a part of the college’s Engineering Student Council as its historian. He also took on the role of the west regional relations coordinator for the National Association for Engineering Student Council. He also joined the campus’ E-STEM program and designed a laptop-cooling pad with his teammates, which they presented to President Coley at the end of the academic year. Zhixuan’s (Victor) plans after graduation include going to graduate school and gaining research experience to earn a doctorate.

Daniel Foncello

Industrial Engineering
Minor in Political Science

Daniel’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona has been using AutoCAD to create parts and see his finished product. He values his Engineering Student Ambassador opportunity as he is looking forward to learning more about his college, meeting new people and spreading the message of how the college is a top engineering school. Daniel credits the college for helping him improve his networking skills and aims to find a steady job that will allow him to be free of financial concern.

Katrina Gumushian

Industrial Engineering
Minor in Business Administration

Katrina’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona has been building friendships with her classmates. At the beginning of Katrina’s college career, engineering was seemingly impossible to understand and she did not know any females in the engineering field. By her fourth year in college however, Katrina switched her major to engineering as she was inspired by the large female representation in the college and was further encouraged after speaking with engineering faculty and advisors. In summer 2019, she interned at Disneyland Resort and was part of a team that used analytics to ensure the most magical experience for guests. Her future goal after graduating is to work at a company that makes a positive impact on the world.

Megan Jones

Chemical Engineering
Minor in Materials Engineering

Megan’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona was attending an NDIA defense conference in San Diego where she met many people in the defense industry. In the past summer, she had an internship with the US Navy where she was working in their materials engineering lab at Fleet Readiness Center in Florida. She was able to complete a full research project in which her findings directly aided the fleet readiness for the nation’s warfighters. Megan’s future goal is to work in the Department of Defense as a materials engineer.

Riley Mariol

Manufacturing Engineering

Riley’s best experience at Cal Poly Pomona has been attending the College of Engineering Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and getting to know many successful alumni. He has a passion for manufacturing and his biggest career goal is helping drive environmentally conscious production. Riley currently works as a CNC programmer and manufacturing engineer at Franklin’s Industries where they manufacture parts for the aerospace, telecom and bioscience industries.

Jonathan Nguyen

Aerospace Engineering

Jonathan’s favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona was seeing the rocket he built from scratch launching successfully as a part of his High Powered Rocketry Certification Program through the Undergraduate Missiles, Ballistics, and Rocketry Association club in the college. He feels that the college has prepared him for the workforce by providing him with both practical and theoretical knowledge. In summer 2019, he had the opportunity to intern for Northrop Grumman, supporting the Special Test Equipment Group. Jonathan’s plan for the future includes earning a master’s degree, possibly in propulsions.

Emi Ogawa

Mechanical Engineering

Emi's favorite experience at Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering has been her involvement with Engineering Council where she serves as President for the 2019-2020 academic year. As an engineering student leader Emi has been able to gain hands-on experience in various engineering projects, events, and industry relations.

Madison Ridley

Chemical Engineering

Aside from Cal Poly Pomona’s learn by doing paradigm, Madison’s favorite experience as a Cal Poly Pomona engineering student has been getting to know people and substantially grow her network. She attests that the college’s courses aided her in being able to be an effective leader by working in countless group projects, where she had to get to know and connect with people in order to finish projects. In summer 2019, Madison was a supply chain intern with PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division. Her goal for the future is to start a career in manufacturing or water treatment and start a family.

Jose Ernesto Talavera

Civil Engineering

Jose is an international student from Honduras and his best experience at Cal Poly Pomona was being accepted for a summer internship in his field of study. He values the college’s learn by doing philosophy being applied in every class. He has held an internship in Sukut Construction, Inc, and Jose’s career goal is to one day become a project manager of an important civil engineering project.

Edgar Vergara

Chemical Engineering
Minor in Materials Engineering

Edgar’s best experience at Cal Poly Pomona is using equipment available in the college’s labs. He held an engineering internship position in a biotech facility where his main study was on cancerous cells. His future aspirations after graduation include using his education to enter the workforce in the medical or water sanitation field.

Francisco Wences

Manufacturing Engineering

Francisco’s best experience at Cal Poly Pomona is the classmates he has met. He participates in clubs because it helps him learn about diverse engineering fields and career opportunities. Francisco’s goals after graduation is to begin working in his field immediately. Further down the line, he aims to attend graduate school, invest in the stock market and real estate, and travel the world.