Mechanical Engineering

ME Semester Conversion Advising

Please see the link below for university semester conversion resources:

If you who missed the ME semester conversion advising workshop, please see the link for the recorded session below:

Undergraduate Students

Please follow the following steps to confirm your educational plan for semester conversion:
  •  Register to one of the ME group advising sessions by signing up at the College of Engineering Advising Center, located at 9-155.  You must physically show up at the advising center to register.
  • Attend the group advising sessions according to the following schedule in Winter 2018. You must register following the instruction in step 1 to attend.  The deadline for registration is the Friday of the prior week by Noon.  For example, if you want to attend the group advising session on 1/25/18, you must sign up by this Friday by noon.
    • Location: will be posted on the sign-up sheet
    • Day/Time: Every Tuesdays and Thursday,  12pm-1pm starting 1/23/18
  • Receive your signed and confirmed individualized semester conversion advising worksheets during your group advising session One sheet for Q2S, and one for S2Q to help you choose.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, meet with ME semester conversion advisors (Drs. Shih, Fan, Xue, and Seong) during office hours. Please bring your semester conversion advising sheets to the individual advising session.  You must attend the group advising session before the advisors will meet with you.

The following documents are helpful to understand your semester curriculum:

Graduate Students

The following documents are helpful to understand the graduate program semester curriculum:

1. 2018-2019 MSME Curriculum

2. MSME Course Equivalent Table

3. Program of Study Form (Solid Mechanics)

4. Program of Study Form (Thermal Fluids)

5. Program of Study Form (Robotic Engineering)

6. Frequently Asked Questions