RealRobotics Education through Active Training (R.E.A.L.)

R.E.A.L. Faculty Participants

Dr. Mariappan “Jawa” Jawaharlal,

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Jawa is recognized as an outstanding educator for his innovative and engaging teaching pedagogy. He has received numerous awards and grants including the Northrop Grumman Award for Excellence in teaching. Dr. Jawa's STEM Through Guided Discovery, a robotics program for K-12 students, is one of its kind and the largest in the nation. The success of his program has received international attention and is being adopted abroad. Dr. Jawa has over 20 years of industrial, academic, and entrepreneurial experience. Before joining Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. Jawa founded and developed, Inc., an online supplemental K-12 education company. He also served on the faculty at Rowan University, NJ and Kettering University, MI. Dr. Jawa is passionate about education and focuses on K-12 STEM education. He writes education columns for the Huffington Post.


Dr. Victor Okhuysen,

Professor of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Dr. Victor Okhuysen has actively participated in various programs to advance the outcomes of students. These projects include Migrant Student Education, High School to College Bridge, Undergraduate Research, STEM Through Guided Discovery, Online Enhanced Education, and others. He is the faculty coordinator for the Graduation Initiative at Cal Poly Pomona which looks to enhance student outcomes through improved use of resources and implementation of innovative techniques such as Learning Discovery. Dr. Okhuysen is committed to ensuring that all students are successful through participation in a learning environment that develops creativity, self reliance, cooperation, maturity, and self and mutual respect. His projects have also led him to work with under-represented minorities and women in STEM. He also has extensive experience in industry which he uses to make his efforts more beneficial to students.