RealRobotics Education through Active Training (R.E.A.L.)




  • The largest event of this kind in the nation
  • Cal Poly Pomona faculty members train teachers and lead robotic sessions (40+ hours)
  • Fully developed, age appropriate curriculum from elementary level to high school
  • Curriculum correlated with state and national standards
  • Hands on, specialized training for teachers
  • International recognition - Robot Rally inspired similar programs in India and China
  • Use of various robot platforms including Lego, VEX, Bioloid, Fischertechnik and Basic STAMP
  • Specially designed Arduino robot Kit developed by Cal Poly Pomona engineering faculty
  • Undergraduate engineering students mentor elementary level to high school students
  • Service learning experience for Cal Poly Pomona students
  • Support for First Lego League (FLL) and FIRST Robotics competitions
  • Local and National media coverage
  • Over 800 students in afterschool and other programs such as FLL and FIRST