RealRobotics Education through Active Training (R.E.A.L.)

R.E.A.L. Robot Rally

The Annual Robot Rally is a culminating event held at Cal Poly Pomona. Students from all participating schools and after school programs visit Cal Poly Pomona and show off their creations after 20 weeks of learning. Students take part in four, fun-filled, engaging and demanding events:

  • Impromptu Obstacle Challenge

  • Sumo Robot Challenge

  • Fast Line Following Challenge

  • Teamwork Challenge

Mechanical HeartsKids

Robot Rally 2020

Date: April 17, 2020

Location: Cal Poly Pomona


For inquiries, please contact: Chelsea Duran,




Videos of Past Events

Onsbphoto Inlandnewspapers, May 10, 2013


Los Angeles Times, Jan 16, 2012