Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship

Submittal Requirements

Baixa District, Lisbon, Portugal
View from Baixa District, Lisbon, Portugal

Step 1:

Review the Eligbility Criteria. Submit the CFTF Registration Form.

Step 2:

Upon our receipt of your Application, you will be notified of your eligibilty and recieve the official schedule and instructions for submitting an entry to the competition. The competition project program as well as any supplemental information will be released Friday April 5th, 2019  5 p.m. PST

Entries will be submitted via a link provided by the fellowship on Tuesday, April 9th, 5 p.m. PST

Step 3:

After submitting, you may no longer make any changes or modifications to your work.

The Preliminary Design Review Panel will review all entries on April 9th- April 15th.  If you are selected as one of the finalists, you must provide (at your own expense) four 20” x 20” physical boards for the final selection process. The graphic content of these boards shall be identical to the previously submitted digital submission evaluated during the Preliminary Review. Boards will due one week (May 15th) before the Final Presentation and Dinner at Cal Poly Pomona, May 10th, 2019. These boards shall become the property of the Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship. Lettering shall be large enough for exhibit viewing. The graphic composition of the panels is at the discretion of the Entrant. Each panel shall be 20" x 20" foam core or other light-weight, warp-proof material. To accommodate the display system, a 1/4” margin should be left free of any lettering at the top and bottom of the panels. The Entrant’s name and “2019” shall be on the back of each board. Each finalist will submit a Letter of Agreement with their boards. This will be sent to you with further instructions when you are notified.

Step 4:

The Final Design Review and selection of the Cavin Scholar and Alternate will be held on May10th, 2019 where the winner and alternate will be announced.

Image Format:

The Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship Competition requires submittal of all material in digital format.

For the finalists, 4 boards with images with graphic information sufficient to fully illustrate each entry are required. Boards shall be square; finalists will be required to provide 20” x 20” physical boards. Animations are not eligible.

Floor Plans and Site Plans are required for all entries. Other drawings, i.e., interior and exterior views, sections, axonometric views, perspective views, elevations, diagrams, graphic data and details may be included to fully explain the design concepts. Any visuals containing Entrant identification or logo will be rejected.

Digital Format:

The digital image files will be submitted as one PDF containing the 4 presentation boards (24" X 24"). It will be submitted via a link sent to registered entrants by the competition due date. 

The maximum file size is 12MB.

File Names:

The name of the PDF should only contain the Entry code that registered participants recieved on the day of the competition start. 

Any markings or identification that indicate your name or affiliation will result in your disqualification from the competition.

Text Information (Description):

The following text is required for a complete entry:
I. Project Description (max. 200 words)

Example of possible paragraphs:

  1. Context

  2. Program/Scope

  3. Special Challenges/Unusual Characteristics

  4. Design Solution

Letter of Agreement: Cavin Family Travelling Fellowship (CFTF_Letter_of_Agreement.pdf)