Professionals attend a critique in lecturer Keiji Uesugi's LA 303 studio
Landscape Architecture

CPPLA Mentoring Program

The department's Mentor Program pairs students with members of the Landscape Architecture Professional Advisory Board, a coalition of emerging professionals and landscape architects. By nurturing of one-to-one relationships, the program contributes to the strength and success of personal and professional development of our students. It builds a reservoir of networking relationships, enthusiasm, and continuing education that is mutually beneficial to Mentors and Mentees.

Through an application process, the program matches Mentees and Mentors based on their experience, business background, career aspirations, and professional interests. 

Who are the Mentors?

The "Mentor Pool" is comprised of active full members of American Society of Landscape Architects, CPPLA alumni and landscape architects who have a strong belief in the power of mentoring, are interested in promoting leadership within the landscape architecture field, and who wish to make a personal contribution to the professional lives of others while enriching their own.

Who are the Mentees?

The "Mentee Pool" is comprised of active undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning more about the field and seek a mentoring relationship.

Mentors and mentees can sign up here.

speed mentoring event
Alumnus Bob Cardoza (Class of 1964) at speed mentoring event