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The College of Agriculture prepares students for careers in a wide variety of positions throughout the agricultural, food, apparel/textile industries, environment, science and healthcare fields.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Contact us at agriculture@cpp.edu.




The College of Business Administration has a long tradition of delivering innovative and transformational experiences necessary for our graduates to become global business leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Contact us at cba@cpp.edu.




The College of Education and Integrative Studies (CEIS) is a student-centered organization comprised of the undergraduate departments of Ethnic and Women’s Studies (EWS), Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE), Liberal Studies (LS), and the post-graduate Department of Education, which offers basic credential, advanced credential, masters and doctoral programs.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website and credential information.

Contact us at CEIS@cpp.edu.



The mission of the College of Engineering is to produce well-qualified engineering graduates who are ready for immediate and productive entry into the workforce or for graduate studies.

Be sure to watch our Remote Vehicle Simulatorvideo, Liquid Rocket Lab video, and read our "Resilient and Adaptive During the Pandemic" article. 

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Contact us at engineering@cpp.edu.



The College of Environmental Design (ENV) connects people, places and the environments in which we live, work and play. A leader in design excellence, its programs use the rich creative economy and cultural capital of Southern California – and its geographical advantage as a global gateway for trade and ideas – to educate and train future designers to shape the future of the built and natural environments with resiliency and justice.

ENV offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, urban and regional planning; undergraduate degrees visual communication design and art history; and a graduate degree in regenerative studies.

Learn more by visiting the ENV Virtual Brochure.

Contact us at env@cpp.edu


SESSION: November 9 at 3:00 pm



The Collins College of Hospitality Management thrives from a tradition of excellence and is consistently ranked among the nation's premier hospitality management programs.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Be sure to visit our Virtual TourFuture Students, and Faculty Experts pages and view our Life at Collins College video. 

Contact us at collins@cpp.edu.

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The faculty and staff of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences provide an excellent education for students desiring intellectual enrichment and career enhancement in the humanities, social sciences, and performing arts.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Contact us at class@cpp.edu.



The curricula offered in the College of Science combine fundamental education in science or mathematics with a broad human outlook, aimed at developing students’ mental horizons beyond the limits of their immediate vocational objectives.

Be sure to view our Welcome to the College of Science presentation.

Learn more about our college by visiting our website.

Contact us at sci_dean@cpp.edu.

        Student Services Building

Your first year as an undeclared student is the time to begin to think critically about your career and life goals.

Learn more about our undeclared advising by visiting our webpage.

Contact us at advising@cpp.edu


        Student Services Building

IGE provides an interdisciplinary undergraduate general education experience that prepares students to lead globally conscious, socially responsible, productive, satisfying, and ethical lives in a changing diverse world.

The program is a unique, stimulating way to get some of your General Education credits in one unified program. Each class is a central hub where different subjects come together and relate to each other in ways you might have never imagined. Learn more about IGE by visiting our website.

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