Nancy E. Buckley

Nancy E. Buckley

Professor, Biological Sciences Department, College of Science

BIO 450 Concepts of Molecular Biology


         This course is designed to provide a background in molecular biology by way of the study of genes and regulation of gene expression.  This course will also offer an understanding of diverse signal transduction pathways regulated by gene expression.

More specifically, the students will be able to explain

  • The concept of genome, the genes and their importance.
  • DNA replication, recombination and transposition.
  • Transcription and translation.
  • Laboratory techniques used to learn about molecular biological processes.
  • Some of the experiments that led to the understanding of the concepts in molecular biology.
  • The role diverse genes have in cell signaling.


        Bio 310 (Cell and Molecular Biology) is required.  At least one quarter of biochemistry (i.e. CHM 327) is recommended.  As you enter this course, you should be very familiar with cell structure and function, the chemical structure of nucleic acids, the processes of replication, transcription, translation, and cellular signal transduction pathways.