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Best Practices Online Workshops

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Best Practices Online Workshops

These are asynchronous online workshops consisting of short videos highlighting specific topics related to teaching best practices. New workshops are added from time to time so keep visiting to see new content.


Organization of your course as a logistical project and as an intellectual project is both the most important and the easiest-to-accomplish factor in helping your students succeed. This workshop gives concrete strategies for both kinds of organization.




How Much Content to Cover in a Semester

This is the first video in a series of three. It talks about the time available in a semester (less than we think!) and pedagogical strategies to help students transition to the semester pace. The video ends with some of the good things about semesters, like not having classes start on January 2!




Active Learning

Learn about Active Learning and its researcher-proven effectiveness. This workshop will introduce you to six popular active learning strategies that you can implement right now in your own course.


Administration and Time Management of a 4/4 Load

This includes three videos.

The first, describes the principles of investing over reacting, as well as using your brain wisely. The second, describes the principle of telling the truth and making friends by calendaring and seeking out multi-section collaboration. The third, describes getting clarity and focus by pruning your classwork and using the Pomodoro technique.


  • transcripts: 1 | 2 | 3 (doc)
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Transforming a Face-to-Face Class to a Hybrid or Flipped Class

Learn about hybrid online teaching, the flipped pedagogical approach, and the differences between them. This workshop will introduce you to technologies capable of creating and delivering instructional materials online.




Especially for lecturers: "Ready-2-Zoom!"

Ruth Ahn (Faculty Center, Education), Yam Lee (Chemical & Materials Engineering), and Jennifer Mahlke (Communication), with help from Bonnie Thorne (CFA Lecturer Rep, Psychology) teamed up for a series on topics in teaching and career management. Following are the recordings from the Zoom sessions.

Promoting Active Participation and Assessment in Class:

The Transparent Syllabus:

Getting to Know Your Students & Creating a Safe Environment:


Helping Students Become Self-Directed Learners: