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Spring Book Discussion Group: “ Not Light But Fire: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom” by Matthew R. Kay

Not Light, But Fire; Matthew R. Kay

This is one of the most important teaching books I have ever come across. I can read only a few pages at a time before having to put it down and think for a while – hence my desire to have a group of colleagues to talk it through! Even if you are in the most quantitative discipline and discussions are limited to which term goes where in an equation, this book is worth the time because it gives strategies in addition to inspiration. Group is limited to 8 participants; the Faculty Center will provide the books.

Please plan to attend at least 3 of the 4 discussions.

How to Do a Peer Observation of Teaching

Cal Poly Pomona's evaluation of faculty teaching has a really excellent feature -- peer review. We don't rely just on student ratings of teaching, we ask our colleagues to give us feedback, too. But, it's a lot of work to review someone's teaching! If reviews are not done well, the work is wasted at best...and maybe problems arise, in a worse situation.

We can't possibly cover everything and answer all questions in 50 minutes. This session will provide some tools and some topics of conversation. We'll cover:

  • An introduction to the research on peer observation, drawing a distinction between formative and summative reviews
  • A productive step-by-step process for face to face AND online settings
  • Examples of note-taking instruments
  • A discussion of issues for departments to consider to make the peer review experience as useful as possible

Who should consider attending? Basically, anyone who does peer observations of another faculty member's teaching.

Victoria Bhavsar, director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development, will offer this session. Please feel free to bring your lunch; snacks and drinks will be available.

The Ripple Effect: Faculty and Their Spheres of Influence, by Sumi Pendakur

Dr. Sumun L. Pendakur (Sumi)

In this interactive keynote, Dr. Sumun L. Pendakur (Sumi) will dive into a multi-part framework for the way we approach our work, as educators and as designers of the learning environment. Blending story and skill-building, the talk explores the possibilities of imagining and taking action, in ways that transform practices and the experiences of students, faculty, and staff, inside and outside the classroom:

  • Transforming practices in practically strategic ways to more radically center equity-mindedness, to confront deficit-minded thinking about students, and to integrate more intentional self-examination, in order to counter blind spots that impact teaching and advising.
  • Transforming the educational journeys of those who experience minoritization and marginalization so that their needs, experiences, and assets are centered; leveling the inequitable playing field of higher education in every way we can; removing unnecessary barriers and obstacles to full inclusion and student success.

Dr. Pendakur serves as the Chief Learning Officer and Director of the USC Equity Institutes at the USC Race and Equity Center, dedicated to advancing racial justice in higher education and other sectors. She was named one of the top 35 women in higher education in 2019 by “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education" magazine.

PolyTeach 2020: Do the Flip!

PolyTeach sparks conversations about technology and teaching, highlighting the creative ways that faculty use technology to support student learning. PolyTeach 2020 focuses on experiences in flipping the classroom. We'll have:

  • Faculty talks and a panel from participants in a grant project that supported faculty from Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State LA, and San Jose State to flip their classes.
  • The 2020 Wall of COOL: Brief talks from four CPP professors who have provided outstanding opportunities for learning
  • A keynote by Dr. Kevin Kelly, the former Executive Director of Teaching & Learning for the Association of College & University Educators (ACUE), the Director of Wiley Learning Institute, and the Manager of Academic Technology at San Francisco State. Kevin will address considerations to ensure that flipping is an inclusive pedagogy rather than a strategy that perpetuates imbalances
  • "Speed teching": This always-popular activity will introduce you quickly to several different kinds of technologies that will support flipping your class

Faculty Day

Join us for the traditional celebration of Cal Poly Pomona faculty, an event for pure enjoyment! All faculty -- full-time, part-time, retired, new, and all in between! -- are cordially invited to enjoy lunch, music, games, gifts, and goodies, and time with colleagues. This year we have a special addition: Therapy puppies! Faculty Day will be in the beautiful lawn area behind Building 1. Come enjoy the stream and native riparian plantings brought to us by Project Blue. No need to rsvp, just come on over. For questions, please contact the Faculty Center at x2890.

faculty enjoying lunch together at Faculty Day 2019 faculty learning to salsa dance at Faculty Day 2019