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Blackboard Mastery Seminar 2019

Blackboard Mastery Seminar is a 2-day intensive experience to take users from Blackboard novices to experts. Topics covered range from a basic introduction of Blackboard at CPP all the way to using some of Blackboard's most advanced features, with best practices thrown in along the way. This highly interactive, hands-on workshop will significantly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in using Blackboard to support your students' success.

New Lecturer Faculty Orientation

Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona! Our New Lecturer Faculty Orientation (NLO) is a great time to learn about the university and meet new colleagues. We will share valuable information and resources with you that will help you feel welcomed and prepared for the coming year.

The half-day orientation New Lecturer Orientation will be held just before classes begin in January. There are two opportunities to attend. Refreshments will be provided, as will a stipend for your time.

Due to California regulations relating to worker unions, we cannot put the specific dates and times on a public website — please contact Victoria Bhavsar, Director of the Faculty Center for Professional Development, at vbhavsar@cpp.edu, for that information and to register.

New Lecturer Faculty Orientation Outcomes

  • Meet and begin to form relationships with other lecturer faculty, both new and established, that lead to productive collaborations and enjoyable friendships
  • Collect a variety of information about Cal Poly Pomona's priorities, resources, policies, procedures, and opportunities in an easy-to-retrieve format
  • Meet and begin to form relationships with a variety of people around campus who can support you in your teaching and other activities
  • Make initial decisions regarding teaching, based on understanding more about Cal Poly Pomona's students
  • Feel valued and welcomed, and have a good time!

Please contact Victoria Bhavsar with questions, concerns, specific date and time information, and to register for New Lecturer Faculty Orientation.

lecturer faculty at orientation

How to Have a Fabulous First Day of Class

A great first day makes it a lot more possible to bring our best as we walk into class every subsequent day. We'll talk about: Being prepared, building community, establishing expectations, and even having FUN on the first day.

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Creating Hybrid, Online, and Flipped Classes Short Course

This two-day workshop that will provide time, resources, and research-based information for faculty to begin creating hybrid, online, or flipped classes that support success for diverse students without compromising course rigor. Priority goes to Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture faculty, but anyone is welcome to sign up and participate as space allows.

We are in a waitlist situation! Please go ahead and add your name to the waitlist and we'll contact you if a spot opens up.

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