Financial Aid Info Related to COVID-19

We understand that your financial aid funding remains critically important at this time and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we all work together to proactively take steps to protect our community. 

This page will be updated regularly as information becomes available to inform our students, faculty, staff, and larger community regarding any possible financial aid implications related to COVID-19.

Please continue to monitor the CPP Health Alert website for the latest updates regarding campus services.


My financial circumstances have changed during 2020. What resources are available to me?

I have not applied for financial aid  (Yes, you can apply now)

I have applied for financial aid and my EFC is higher than 500 (found on your Student Aid Report)

I have applied for financial aid and my EFC is less than 501 (found on your Student Aid Report)

  • We wanted to let you know up front that your financial aid award programs are mostly likely at or near maximum eligibility. Submitting an appeal will have very little or no impact on our ability to increase your awards. Please review alternative resources provided in these pages for additional assistance.  

Additional campus resources

Community resources (not related to being a student)



SAP is run at the end of each semester; all students who have applied for financial aid must meet CPP's Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements to continue to be eligible for financial aid. Information regarding SAP can be found on our website. Basically, all students must meet a 2.0 cumulative GPA (3.0 for Credential & Graduate students) and must have successfully completed 67% of total credits attempted.

If you were meeting all Satisfactory Academic Progress standards prior to the Spring term, and at the end of the Spring term you are not meeting the “Pace” requirement, you may be eligible for an automatic Warning status – no appeal necessary.

Students who receive a Financial Aid Disqualification notice due to not meeting the SAP Standards may be eligible to appeal the decision. Appeals may be based on an injury or illness of the student, the death of a family member, or other special circumstances.

Circumstances related to an outbreak of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, the illness of a student or family member, compliance with a quarantine period, or the general disruption resulting from such an outbreak may form the basis of a student’s SAP appeal.

Students who are having difficulty in one or more of their classes are reminded of the CR/NC Grading Option for Spring 2020 that was recently announced by the Office of Student Success. Students experiencing difficulty should contact their advisor prior to making any decisions regarding withdrawing from a single class or from all classes. A withdrawal from a course or multiple courses has the potential to affect your completion rate negatively and may have consequences related to federal, state or outside aid sources.


You can submit all documents to our office by using our secure file upload systemFor the safety of your own information, please do not email documents containing sensitive information to our office.


Yes, Cal Poly Pomona is still required to collect any documentation we request through your To Do List.  We will begin requesting documents the second week of April.  You can submit these documents by using our secure file upload system.