Tips for Transfer Students

Financial aid eligibility does not transfer from one school year to the next. You must reapply each year. For TRANSFER students, the procedures you follow will depend on your circumstances and the time of the year that you transfer.

The following tips are basic guidelines regarding financial aid when you transfer from one college to another. Please keep in mind you may or may not be awarded the same type or amount of aid at the new school because of different costs of attendance and availability of funds.

List Cal Poly Pomona on your financial aid application (School Code: 001144). If you did not list Cal Poly Pomona, log on to your financial aid application, select make a correction, add the Cal Poly school code and resubmit application. 

If you are transferring from a quarter term based college or university and are admitted to Cal Poly Pomona for spring or summer terms, your Pell grant award may be reduced.

If you have borrowed under the Stafford Loan Program, contact your Lender or Holder of the Loan and let them know that you are changing schools.

If you have already processed a loan for the current school year at another school, cancel that loan and reapply at the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Cal Poly, Pomona.

If you are receiving Cal Grant A or B, you need to notify the California Student Aid Commission of your change in schools. You can do this with a change request form (G-10) available
 on webgrants at:

If you are receiving a private scholarship at your current school, contact the school and or the donor of the scholarship and notify them of the school change.