Aid by Career

Financial Aid is determined based on the completion of a financial aid application, the student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and a student's career. Financial aid such as scholarships and private loans are accessible by all students, but awards such as federal and state grants and loans can only be utilized by those who qualify. Please select below for details about types of financial aid you may qualify for, eligibility specifications, how many units you must be enrolled in to receive a full award, and, when required, the application process for receiving certain types of aid.

Undergraduate Students

Credential Students

Graduate Students

Doctoral Students

Federal Work Study - A work program in which the student earns an income for hours worked

Scholarships - Gift aid that does not need to be repaid but requires it's own application in addition to a financial aid application.

Private (Alternative) Loans - Private loans are offered by many lenders as an addition to the Federal Student Loan Programs. Private loans can assist borrowers who do not qualify for the federal programs. Interest rates, fees and repayment plans vary from lender to lender.