Student Health and Wellness Services

Allergy Injections

For the convenience of our students, Student Health and Wellness Services (SHWS) administers allergy injections to those who are at least 18 years old and currently receiving them under the care of an Allergist in California.

We do not initiate treatment or administer allergy injections to patients who are pregnant, taking beta blocker medication or have compromised heart, lung or kidney function. To ensure the safe administration of your antigens, please follow the instructions in the next section listed below.

Call 909-869-4000 to schedule an Initial Allergy Injection Clearance Visit.  No injections will be administered at this visit.

Student Health and Wellness Services
3801 West Temple Avenue, Building 46
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Medical Records Fax number - 909- 869-4941

Bring the completed items listed below to your Initial Allergy Injection Clearance Appointment. You may also mail or fax the documents to us prior to your appointment. If you choose to mail or fax your documents, please call 909-869-4000 to ensure we have received your documents prior to scheduling your appointment.

  1. Student Agreement for Allergy Immunotherapy Administration
  2. Allergist Immunotherapy Order Form
  3. Any additional instructions from your Allergist Office.
  4. Copy of your Allergy Treatment Record form your Allergist Office
  5. Allergy serum – All allergy serums must be kept under refrigeration and hand delivered by you or your parent or guardian. Do not mail them to Student Health.

At this visit, the nurse will review your completed forms and antigen vials to ensure we have everything we need to safely administer your allergy injections. We will not administer injections from inadequately labeled vials or if instructions are missing or incomplete. If we do not have all the required documentation; you will need to return the vials if applicable, and/or forms to your allergist for completion before allergy injections are administered.

Once your documents and antigen vials have been approved; you may then schedule subsequent appointments for the administration of your allergy injections at Student Health and Wellness.

After your initial visit, it is recommended that you schedule appointments 4 weeks in advance to ensure a routine time for your injections. Allergy injections are administered by a nurse through our Acute Care Department.  There may be times when the nurse is taking care of a patient that requires urgent attention which may delay the administration of your allergy injections. For this reason schedule your appointment when you are able to wait in the health center a minimum of 40-60 minutes.