Current Students

Fellowships and scholarships

The Kellogg Honors College is a member of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors (NAFA) and offers advising for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships. There are too scholarships/fellowships to list, but Columbia University and Florida State University created a wonderful online search engines. Please contact Dr. Bhavsar or Won Choi if you have any questions.

  • CSU Pre-Doctoral Program
    • $3,000 for graduate school research. Applicants must demonstrate strong interest in teaching/researching upon completion of a PhD. Open to all majors. Applications are released every December and due the following February.

Why take an Honors class?

Success in the long term depends on the ability to meet challenges, persevere and have a deep and broad understanding of issues and an awareness of oneself. Your high GPA may initiate an interview and even a job, but staying in the job, rising in the profession and achieving professional and personal goals depend on the characteristics, skills and knowledge you acquire from the complete university experience. Honors classes are meant to enhance this experience. They are designed to provide a richer academic setting than your regular classes. This has the potential to be very rewarding and gratifying and requires effort. It is the kind of effort that is fun and fulfilling because of the challenge met and its long-term advantage. Please reflect on this while choosing your classes.