UHS Fall 2020 FAQ's

2020-21 Academic Year Changes to University Housing Services

Due to the current public health crisis, on-campus housing operations and availability will change for the 2020-21 academic year. On-campus housing will be offered as space allows, but cannot be guaranteed. Information and advisories are still forthcoming, and as we learn more, updates will be posted on this page and elsewhere on the Housing Website.

Fall 2020 Housing

The approved Chancellors Office plan will allow University Housing Services to provide housing to 250 residents. Housing will be offered and based on the specific criteria outlined in the approved Chancellors Office plan.  Fall 2020 will have limited spaces, community types, and room types. As we are able, UHS will open more spaces and adjust its policies throughout the year.

University Housing Services will be adapting our room configurations and community guidelines based on the recommendations of local/state and Department of Health Officials through-out the 2020-2021 academic year. This will limit the number of students that we can have in each room, and as such our availability of spaces throughout next academic year. Due to the uncertainty and limited occupancy, we CANNOT guarantee students will be offered a space. As we are able, UHS will open more spaces and adjust its policies throughout the year. 

At this time, we do not know our occupancy for the Spring 2021 Semester will be and cannot guarantee the same room space to students who previously had a room assignment for Fall 2020. University Housing Services (UHS) will be adapting our room configurations and community guidelines based on the recommendations of local/state and Department of Health Officials through-out the 2020-2021 academic year. 

If you are currently assigned a room for the 2020-2021 school year and do not plan to live on campus for Fall you will need to update your application and unassign your room before you are able to make any changes to these application preferences. 

University Housing Services will have an extremely limited occupancy for Fall 2020 Semester. We will begin assigning students to the Residential Suites during the week of July 20th. Assignment priority will be based on specific criteria outlined in the approved Chancellors office plan.

Assignments will first be offered to Renaissance Scholars (former foster youth programs), those students identified by the Disability Resource Center, Kellogg Honors scholars, international students and students experiencing housing insecurity.  As space allows, consideration will be given to students that have a demonstrated need, have daily activities on campus or have a large distance to come to campus. 

Students wanting to be assigned in Spring, or only after classes resume to in-person, can choose to update their application accordingly and keep their applications active. Housing cannot guarantee placement for Spring Semester, but if there is space available University Housing Services will assign from this list throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Students can update their Fall Housing application and preferences through their Housing Portal . 

Students who are no longer interested in Fall housing but are still interested in spring housing, are asked to update their application instead of canceling.  

Updating Your Housing Application: 

You are now able to update your preferences to signify whether you would like to be considered for housing ONLY if classes resume in-person instruction OR if you think you might need housing for only the Spring 2021 semester. 

To update your housing application: 

  1. Navigate to the CPP Housing Portal. 
  1. Navigate into your 2020-2021 Housing Application. 
  1. In your Application Summary page, there is now a link that will take you to the Application Preferences page. 
  1. From within the Application Preferences page, you may now make changes to the following preferences: 
  1. Assignment Preferences: Choose if you would like to be considered for on-campus housing during online instruction or ONLY when classes resume in-person. 
  1. Timeline Preferences: Choose if you would like to be considered for housing for the entire academic year (both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Semesters) or ONLY for the Spring 2021 Semester. 

If a student is assigned a space for Fall 2020, they can cancel until August 20th without any financial penalty. Students on the waitlist and/or those interested in a Spring assignment only may cancel at any time and will not be charged. Cancellation Link available through students’ Housing Portal . 

For students who opt out of Fall but are still interested in Spring their initial payment will roll over to the Spring Semester. If Spring classes are remote or if a student is not assigned a space the initial payment will be refunded.  

The cost of housing is determined by your community type (suites, residential halls, etc.), room type (single, double, triple), and meal plan chosen. Due to social distancing guidelines, students assigned for Fall 2020 can expect to pay for a Suite Single rate. As we are able, UHS will open more community and room types throughout the year. Please see the full cost tables on the housing website.  

Unfortunately, we are limited due to room layouts and restrictions, and the roommate selection process will no longer be available. Roommates will be assigned using lifestyle preferences and communicated in the assignment email sent on or before (TBA). 

Yes, all residents must have a meal plan. Campus dining facilities will be adjusting their occupancy, process, and hours to safely accommodate the dining needs of our residents. Please visit the Fall 2020 Meal Plan FAQ for more details. 

Yes, University Housing Services provides an off-campus rental and roommate listing on our website.  


A Resident Advisor (RA) is a student that has attended CPP for at least one year or more. RAs receive extensive training on campus resources, emergency response, community development, and social/emotional support to students living within University Housing Services (UHS). 

UHS will keep at least one (1) Resident Advisor per floor to monitor building safety, provide support to students and build community within the building. 

Resident Advisors are on call M-F from 6:00 pm – 8:00 am and Sat-Sun 6:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Residents can reach the RA on call by calling the building duty phone number posted on each door and at the community front desk. 

Yes, activities will still be planned by the University Housing Services and the University for students to learn and engage with peers, faculty, and staff. All activities will be planned following campus, local, and state guidelines. 

Front Desk within each community will still provide services to students, however the hours of operation are still pending. 

Residents can check out several items from the front desk (games, cooking utensils, etc.). Suites Front Desks also provide letter mail service. The front desk is also a student’s first point of contact for questions about the community and campus events. 

Activities will be planned by University Housing Services and the University to ensure students will have the opportunity to create connections with one another. Activities will be planned following campus, local, and state guidelines to support the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff. 


The health and safety of our residents is our top priority. This fall, University Housing will implement the following safety guidelines and procedures in all our communities: 

  • Face coverings and/or masks that cover the nose and mouth will be required in all interior public spaces and outside when social distancing cannot be maintained.  

  • Housing Facilities will continue rigorous sanitation processes to clean and sanitize public spaces and other high traffic touchpoints. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the community. 

  • Furniture in public spaces will be limited and configured per social distancing guidelines. 

  • Policies and community guidelines will be updated to address social distancing and safe practices. 

Bronco Care Pledge - Click here

Non-resident guests are prohibited until further notice. This includes residents of other buildings and family members. Only guests from within the floor/wing/building/complex are allowed on resident floors. 

Yes, residents may come and go as they please. We understand that students have jobs, study-groups or other engagements that may require them to have the liberty to come and go as needed. However, we do encourage you to practice the safety guidelines that the California Public Health Department advises as part of a responsible community member.  

Yes, all people on campus are expected to keep a distance of six feet from each other. 


Students who do not follow University Housing Services policies may result in Conduct Review meeting with their Area Coordinator and can result in sanctions and possible eviction.

Yes, all people must wear mask/face coverings in public spaces while on campus. 

If you believe your roommate is not following social distancing within University Housing Services, please contact your Resident Advisor and they will advise on the next steps. We encourage all residents to follow CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidelines , as well as UHS Policies and Community Guidelines, while living in a community setting. 

All people on campus are expected to wear face coverings in public spaces and keep a distance of six feet from each other. The university has taken active steps to proactively setting up conditions, wherever possible, in the residential, dining, and academic settings, to facilitate mmaintaining a social distance of six feet. 


Yes, residents will be responsible for cleaning the entirety of their living space, including their bathroom in the suites. 

Yes. Maintenance and custodial teams will initially disinfect each suite however, keeping a clean-living environment is a community responsibility and an imperative for both personal and community health and well-being. 

Students should bring masks to wear while in public spaces. Students should also bring cleaning supplies, such as hand soap, and surface cleaners. 


  • If you have fever and a cough or trouble breathing, AND you have traveled to an area with community transmission of COVID-19 or close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 please contact Student Health Center, (909) 869-4000 or call your healthcare provider.   
  • For after-hours guidance call the Nurse Advice Line (after 5pm and on weekends) 1-855-272-1723.  
  • If you have been identified as someone who is recommended to self-quarantine by medical professionals, please contact the Resident Advisor via the on-call phone number posted in your community and e-mail housing@cpp.edu so that we can appropriately support you and the community. 

Access to campus facilities during Fall 2020 is still being determined.

If there is an emergency and you need immediate help, please call University Police at (909) 869-3070. If you need non-urgent help (questions, concerns,) please contact your assigned Area Coordinator (https://www.cpp.edu/housing/staff-directory/index.shtml) or your Resident Advisor (https://www.cpp.edu/housing/current-residents/ra.shtml) or the main housing office at (909) 869-3307. 


If you have been identified as someone who is recommended to self-quarantine by medical professionals, please contact the Resident Advisor via the on-call phone number posted in your community and e-mail housing@cpp.edu so that we can appropriately support you and the community 

University Housing Services has rooms offline that will serve as quarantine spaces. You will be moved into one of these spaces until recovery if not able to quarantine in your current room 

We will arrange to have food delivered to your room. 

We have a detailed plan to house and support students who must quarantine or self-isolate. Students who need this service will be temporarily moved to a private room/apartment for the duration of the quarantine or self-isolation period, and services such as meal delivery will be provided. There are no added charges associated with quarantine or self-isolation services. 

Cal Poly Pomona Health Services does not supply testing for COVID-19. For testing locations, visit https://covid19.lacounty.gov/testing/. 

We ask that residents stay in their room and notify the Resident Advisor, University Housing Services, and Student Health and Wellness via phone and/or email and we will supply further instructions. You and your roommate may be asked what areas and people you have been in contact with for contact tracking purposes. Please remember to be respectful, thoughtful, and considerate. We are all collectively responsible for our community’s well-being. Be sure that you are taking care of yourself according to CDC guidance online here, and looking out for other campus community members. 

  • Assignment changes will be limited only to those considered critical by University Housing Services staff including but not limited to conduct/discipline, maintenance, and/or irreconcilable roommate differences after conflict resolution efforts have been tried. 
  • Residents must follow temporary or permanent reassignment at the direction of University Housing Services, including compliance with any directions for isolation or quarantine. 

Yes, University Police Department is considered an essential business and work 24 hours a day, year-round. https://www.cpp.edu/police/index.shtml