Remote Programs

UHS is open and here for you! Even though we are engaging in a time of Social Distancing, our team is still here to support you. Here’s how we’re reaching out during this time:


One on One

One of our RA’s should be calling you during Spring Break to say hi and catch up!



We started a blog- find us daily at http://tinyurl.com/theuhsblog. At our blog we will be sharing information about how students can navigate this time as best as possible.



We’ll be sending out a weekly newsletter to your CPP e-mail. Each newsletter highlights blog posts and remote programming information. The newsletter is sent out each Monday night.


We’re always online

Find us on social media on Instagram at @cppuhs and online at http://tinyurl.com/theuhsblog


As always, if you need assistance- don't hesitate to reach out to your area coordinator or call the RA On Duty for your community.



UHS Staff