Guest and Quarter Break

  1. Where do guests park?

  2. May I have guests stay over?

  3. May I stay in my room during quarter breaks?

  4. Do I have to remove my belongings during the break?

Where do guests park?
A Daily Visitor parking permit is available at $7.00 per day. Visitors must purchase a parking permit from either the Parking Information booth located in F8 or from one of the many self-serve booths located throughout campus.  Visitors may park in any student parking lot, with the exception of parking lots F2, P, and the marked areas of lot B, which are reserved for on-campus residential community parking (Residence Halls and/or Suites). Multiple day passes are also available.


May I have guests stay over?
Residents may invite guests of any gender into their room, being respectful of roommate preferences and staying within the guidelines that are outlined in the Student Housing License Agreement. For overnight guests, there are limits to the frequency and length of time and must have roommate consent. Residents are responsible for their guests and must escort them in the building at all times. To register a guest, contact the Housing Office for details.


May I stay in my room during semester breaks?

All residence hall and suites are closed throughout the winter break period. Students needing to stay in their rooms during winter break must submit a request with University Housing Services during Fall Semester. Students approved for a stayover may be relocated to a temporary location and will be charged an additional fee.

University Housing is open throughout Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Students may remain in their rooms if desired. 



Do I have to remove my belongings during the break?
You may leave your belongings in the room during the break.  We do encourage residents to take valuable items home and unplug any electronics/appliances.  Please be sure to lock your windows and door.