Housing at the Center for Regenerative Studies

University Housing Services provides Housing at the John T. Lyles Center for Regenerative Studies in partnership with Cal Poly Pomona. Two residence halls, Riverfront and Sunspace, are located on the 16 acre site near the Farm Store. Regenerative Studies is located within easy walking distance or a quick shuttle ride to the academic buildings, library, computer labs, dining areas, student union, and parking lots. These facilities have a laundry room, study areas, recreation room/TV lounge, mailboxes, and a community kitchenette. Satellite television service is provided in each room with Wireless Internet Access. Both residential buildings are co-ed and non-smoking.

Residents are not required to have classes or minors within the College of Environmental Design, though they may choose to enroll in classes as electives. Housing at the Center for Regenerative Studies is offered to students at Cal Poly Pomona who have completed 36 units or more, or to graduate students.

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Sunspace houses eight residents in a 2-level complex of suite-style rooms which feature double occupancy rooms, connected by a shared bathroom with shower stall.  The rooms have vaulted ceilings and each room has its own privacy entry.  The two rooms on the North and South ends of the buildings have private entryways off the upper deck, while the other rooms are accessed through an internal hallway.


Riverfront has two wings on the ground level, housing a total of twelve residents.  Each wing has three, spacious double occupancy rooms sharing two private bathrooms that include a shower stall.  Each room has an entry door from an internal hallway and also has a back door with balcony access that overlooks the beautiful Regenerative Studies water gardens.

For more information about Regenerative Studies check out their website. Please note that there is no expectation to attend the academic course or participate in work activities as a condition for housing in Regenerative Studies.