HR Operations

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cal Poly Pomona's Human Resources (HR) Operations.

We are part of the Administrative Affairs Division and provide administrative HR services to the campus community in the following areas:

This site is currently being updated to reflect changes in our organizational structure.  If you are looking for information regarding Employment, Classification/Compensation, Employee/Labor Relations, or Training and Organizational Development, you will find it through Administrative Affairs Division's Employee and Organizational Development and Advancement (EODA) organization

If you are looking for Risk Management or Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), you'll find them in Administrative Affairs Division's Strategic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM) organization.

If you are looking for Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning, they are now part of the University Police Department and their website is at

Should you need assistance in locating services during this period of transition, please contact our HR Operations Customer Service Center (CSC) by telephone at (909) 869-3733 or by email at

Thank you for visiting our website.


Sharon L. Reiter
Associate Vice President
Strategic Initiatives for Administrative Affairs