New Employee Sign Up

Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona! As a new or returning member of our campus, you need to complete the new employee sign up process. This process is necessary to comply with federal and state laws, as well as to obtain the necessary information to put you on the University's payroll.

This web page is intended to help guide you through the process and make it as convenient as possible.

What to Bring With You

  • Social Security Card
  • I-9 Documentation
  • Faculty--Bring a copy of your contract and/or appointment letter
  • Student Assistants--Bring your Student Employment Job Offer Form; and if Work Study, your Employment Agreement Form

Additional Items You May Need

  • Bank Account Information for Direct Deposit, if eligible.
  • If purchasing a parking decal, you'll need to bring your license plate number, and the make/model of vehicles you drive.


Once you have received your appointment letter/contract, and no later than the morning of your first day of employment with the University, you need to complete your new employee sign up. The sign up must be done in person at the Customer Service Center (CSC).

Note: To further assist you in expediting the process, the sign up forms/information packets are available on-line so that you can complete, print, and bring them with you to the CSC. Doing this can save you time and expedite the sign up process when you come to the CSC.

Please select your new employee type in the left menu to view your forms and instructions. If you need assistance in determining the correct sign up packet, please contact the Customer Service Center at 909-869-3733.


If you are a staff member (manager or support staff) and your first day of work coincides with HR's Weekly New Employee Orientation and Sign-Up (held each Monday morning), your sign up will be conducted as part of the orientation.

If you would like to view the new hire paperwork prior to attending Orientation it is available at the following link:

If your first day of employment does not coincide with HR's Weekly New Employee Orientation and Sign-Up, then you will need to sign up in person at the Customer Service Center (CSC).

Student Assistants

You need to bring either your approved Student Employment Job Offer Form, or if employment is for a Work Study position bring your Employment Agreement Form, to the Customer Service Center and complete the sign up process.

The sign up must be done prior to beginning your first day of campus employment. You cannot be put on the University payroll until you complete your sign up with the Customer Service Center.

New employee paperwork is available online at, if you would like to view it prior to attending Orientation.