Instructions for Completing New Employee Forms

Please complete the following forms on-line, print them out, and bring to your New Hire Orientation/first day of employment.

Employment Eligibility Verification - Form I-9

  • Section 1: Complete this section including your signature and the date

Employee Action Request (EAR) - STD 686

  • Section B: Select box 1 , if you are a New Employee

  • Section C: Social security number, last name, middle initial

  • Section E:
  1. Select single or married and enter number of allowances
  2. Only complete this section if the State withholding is to be treated differently from the Federal withholding, otherwise leave blank.
  3. Optional
  4. If completing this section do not complete EI-III.
  • Section F: Employee address, city, state, zip code, home phone

  • Section G: Complete this section if you have worked at any other California State Agency

  • Section H: Your birth date

  • Section I: Signature and date

Personal Data Form (PDF)

  • Please complete all areas of this form, except Employee's Full Name, Social Security No. and the SSN verified box.

Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Warrants - Form STD 243

  • Complete this entire form except boxed area For Agency/Campus Use Only

  • Name of Employing State Agency : Cal Poly

  • City Where Agency is Located: Pomona

Oath of Allegiance

On the Oath of Allegiance and Declaration of Permission to Work for Persons Employed by the State of California - Form STD, 689

  • Read entire document and print your full name in Part I. Do not complete Part 2 or 3.