Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Campus Survey

Thank You

Thank you for making the Inclusive Campus Survey a success. The campus-wide climate survey was taken by students, faculty and staff. Now that we have collected your views, the university will follow through. We will analyze the data gathered in order to better understand the experiences of our campus community with regards to our diversity and inclusion efforts. We plan to identify any barriers to inclusivity, and to develop and implement strategies for a more inclusive campus. Everyone in our campus community has a responsibility to make sure we live up to our values. Thank you for being part of this important effort.

Initial Findings

The initial findings from the Inclusive Campus Survey reveal who took the survey. The overall response rate was 13 percent. According to Viewfinder, the company that administered the survey, this is a strong achievement especially when considering that it was administered remotely during a pandemic.

The data, captured in this PDF, shows the demographics of all respondents and is also broken down into the following groups: students, faculty, staff and administrators.


  • Survey opened: February 22
  • Survey closed: March 19
  • Initial findings were published in June.
  • Ongoing analysis will be done throughout summer.
  • Additional findings will be published in fall 2021.

Steering Committee

The steering committee for this survey is made up of the members the Inclusive Excellence Council.


Understanding our campus climate is an important step toward ensuring our institution’s future success. The Inclusive Campus survey is designed to help us measure and assess both our strengths and weaknesses around diversity and inclusion for students, faculty, staff and administrators. The survey results will provide insight into what shapes the experiences and perceptions of the entire Cal Poly Pomona community, with a focus on the experiences of historically underrepresented individuals and groups on campus, to help us create an environment where everyone feels safe, welcome, valued and respected.

Cal Poly Pomona has contracted with the third-party vendor Viewfinder to conduct the survey. The Viewfinder® survey was created by a highly trusted source for diversity and inclusion information in higher education, INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

Viewfinder® is one of the most comprehensive survey instruments in higher education. Viewfinder surveys dig deep to assess matters of access, equity and inclusion across all campus populations. This survey enables us to gather meaningful data necessary to enact impactful change on our campus in an effort to be more diverse and inclusive.

The questions were developed by the survey vendor, Viewfinder, with campus specific customizations made by the Office of Inclusive Excellence and Diversity and the survey steering committee, the Inclusive Excellence Council.

The survey should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. 

No, you do not have to answer every question.  You may skip questions you are not comfortable answering.

As the link is unique to each individual, you have the option to start the survey, stop and resume at a later time. Just be sure to complete the survey before it closes on Friday, March 19.

The Inclusive Campus Survey is a population survey. It will be sent to all current Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, staff and administrators. In a sample survey, data is collected from a random subset of the population. Random sampling surveys may “miss” particular populations where numbers are very small (e.g., Native American students). Our goal is to collect as much information as possible from the entire campus community, which will give us more data from which to identify priorities.

A confidential survey means that individual data will not be reported. Survey data is only shared in aggregate (in large groups or units, not as single individuals).

Confidential means although participants may provide personally identifying information, the connection between the participant and the results is not shared. Anonymity means the individual’s responses cannot be linked to their identity in any way. When a survey is confidential, aggregate and not individual data is reported.

Anyone who completes the survey may opt into a drawing for prizes. After submitting the survey, you will have the opportunity to enter your email address to be entered in the drawing. That email address, separate from your survey responses, will be used for the purposes of the drawing.

No, your HEERA manager will not know if you took the survey. No individual data, even notice of survey participation, will be shared. Who did or did not take the survey will not be shared with anyone on campus. 

No, your fellow students, faculty or colleagues will not know if you took the survey or not. Who did or did not take the survey will not be shared with anyone.

Yes. To encourage our community to participate in the survey, we have created a virtual background that participants are encouraged to use in their virtual sessions, which reads “I shared my view. Share yours too!” Use of this virtual background is completely voluntary.

No. Taking the survey will in no way impact the RTP process. As the survey is confidential, and overall results only shared in the aggregate, no administrator, dean or colleague will know who took the survey and will not have access to any individual responses. 

No. Taking the survey will in no way impact your performance evaluation. As the survey is confidential, and overall results only shared in the aggregate, no administrator, HEERA manager or colleague will know who took the survey and will not have access to any individual responses. 

Our response rate goal is 30 percent.

Survey results should be posted on the Inclusive Campus Survey website in May. As the data undergoes additional analyses, those results will also be shared with the campus as they are available. Additional findings will likely be shared in the fall.

The email is coming from our campus partner Viewfinder. If you have not received your email, please check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder, please email the Office of Inclusive Excellence at to report that your email has not yet arrived.

First check to see if the email is in your deleted folder. If you have not yet emptied your deleted folder the email is likely retrievable. If the email is not retrievable, please email the Office of Inclusive Excellence at to let them know your survey has been deleted. 

No. IRB indicated that it was not necessary since the survey is not for research purposes but for program improvement. The data gathered is not intended for generalizable knowledge and does not involve a systematic investigation. Rather the purpose is for internal Cal Poly Pomona program improvement surrounding the continued efforts to advance inclusion on campus. (The results of the survey will be shared in aggregate form with the campus community and campus stakeholders.)