Inclusive Excellence

CPP Listens

We Want to Hear From You

Inclusive Excellence, in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, is committed to promoting inclusivity on our campus and wants know when we have been successful and when we have fallen short. We want to know about your experience. Please submit a CPP Listens Form at the bottom of this page. Inclusive Excellence will use these submissions to identify patterns, recognize and celebrate acts of inclusion and develop strategies for community improvement where needed. 

Please note that the CPP Listens Form does not replace existing policies or normal avenues of reporting. Also, it is not used to track experiences of discrimination, harassment, retaliation or sexual misconduct, including dating, domestic violence or stalking. If you have experienced one of these, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance, per CSU Executive Orders 1096, 1097 and 1098.

Who Will Read My Submission?

The CPP Listens Team is comprised of trained and caring representatives from:

  • Student Health & Wellbeing
  • The Dean of Students
  • Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Employee Labor Relations
  • University Police

The CPP Listens Team will review submissions primarily to assess campus climate issues and patterns of activity. If the team believes that further action may be needed, it may take additional actions. For example, if a submission appears to suggest a violation of CSU Executive Orders, or a violation of the law, then the team will refer the submission to the appropriate office for further review and action. To the extent permitted by law and/or policy, the team will keep submissions to CPP Listens confidential if the person submitting so requests. We will always ask permission before using a submission in connection with celebrating acts of diversity and inclusion on campus. 

Any member of the CPP community (e.g., student, faculty, staff, administrators, community member) may make a submission to Inclusive CPP. For many incidents, there are already avenues for formal reporting, and if the submission suggests that one of those processes should be involved, then the submission will be referred to the appropriate office, which may include the Office Institutional Equity & Compliance, Employee Labor Relations, Faculty Affairs, Student Affairs or University Police Department.

The Team will review submissions primarily to assess campus climate issues and patterns of activity, recommend appropriate actions and report to the campus community on matters and actions taken regarding patterns. Actions the Team may take include: 

  • Referring reports to Facilities Services for removal of building markings or repair of property damage.
  • Referring submissions to campus divisions, departments and offices for the purpose of developing educational programs to address inclusion or other related subjects.
  • Recommending campus climate programming based on patterns of activity seen through submissions.
  • Referring people to resources for support.
  • Referring submissions regarding positive acts of inclusivity for community recognition.

As a community that is committed to inclusivity, we want to celebrate and acknowledge areas where our campus is showing strengths and/or positive progress. Highlighting inclusive acts that support our diverse campus is also a way to support community development, foster the values of the university, and provide an opportunity to share community successes and reward positive actions.

Sharing stories that show where as a campus community we have fallen short will help us identify concerns and patterns, address problems and disputes, develop appropriate educational responses, and otherwise foster an environment of inclusion for all. While not every negative incident will result in an institutional response, each submission will be reviewed and considered within the framework of developing a more inclusive campus environment.

The CPP Listens Team is made up of experts in an array of areas, including diversity and inclusion, freedom of speech, university policies and procedures, and issues relating to privacy and confidentiality. Team members will maintain confidentiality of individuals involved, unless approved by the parties involved or where there are legal requirements that must be fulfilled.

Complaints of unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation are referred to the Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance.

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