Cascade 8 Training

Overview of the Cascade 8 Server

Cascade 8 Server is the web content management system (CMS) we use to manage This section will introduce you to Cascade, provide basic information about how your website is set up, and assist you with general system tasks such as publishing, reordering and deleting assets.


  • Modern look and feel
  • Bigger buttons
  • Bigger/clearer web-friendly fonts
  • Simpler menus, fewer buttons, more advanced functionality hidden away
  • More emphasis on core end-user operations: e.g. Create/Edit/Copy/Publish
  • Separation of Dashboard from Site Tree
  • Clear separation of areas: My Content, All Content, Site Management, Reports, System Administration


  • Fast modal-based actions throughout for speedy user interactions and greater focus
  • Mobile-friendly interface for both tablets and phones
  • Built-in search/filtering into almost all tables
  • Bulk actions on Site Management components and Sites
  • TinyMCE 4 editor
  • Client-side validation of form fields as you type
  • Right-click context menu for assets
  • New Bulk Change experience: start from a folder, search, filter by type
  • New Asset Chooser experience

Introduction to Cascade 8 Training

The Basics

Content Pages

Folders, Documents, and Images

Publishing, Deleting, and Moving

The New Template (2018)