Content Management (Cascade Server)

Cascade Server for Content Management

The university is offering a free Content Management System (CMS) that will help the campus develop websites that are easy to build and easy to maintain. The CMS is called Cascade Server.

If you have a site in cascade and need to add or remove users, please submit a service desk ticket.

Key Benefits of Using CMS

Many large organizations have shifted from traditional website design to CMS. The reason is simple: It's a better way to develop websites. Here are some of the key benefits of CMS:

User Friendly

Content Management Systems make it easy to upload content with minimal knowledge of web coding. Pre-designed templates ensure consistent design and navigation across the university websites, making it easier for visitors to get the information they need.


The websites will be responsive, so websites will be easy to view from computers, smart phones and tablets. Departments can choose from numerous templates and countless content possibilities.

Time Saving

These templates save valuable time for departments. Templates are designed to meet university standards on accessibility, fonts, colors and navigation. This helps departments focus on the content.

Leave the technical stuff to the techs

Users can concentrate on developing content (texts, photos and graphics) without worrying about coding, template designs, and updating systems. IT will maintain the CMS on behalf of the campus.

Easy to administer

A change to the template can easily be implemented across all sites versus having to update each page. Administrators can also monitor website activities and updates.