University Library

A Message from the Dean


Emma Gibson, Dean of the University Library

Welcome to the University Library, a place that encourages discovery, creativity, and collaboration. We are here to help students achieve success in their courses, to identify and work toward their personal goals, and to become life-long learners. Our capable librarians and staff are committed to providing an inclusive, diverse, and safe environment where students can find a place to study, rejuvenate, and participate in intellectually stimulating and fun activities. We are their home away from home for the 8,000 to 10,000 students who visit the Library most days.

We strive to provide resources and programs that reflect the diversity of thought, experience, and perspective of our global community. We invite all students, faculty, and staff to explore the Library. Check out the Arabian Horse Library on the first floor and Special Collections and Archives on the fourth floor for a variety of interesting and fascinating materials that deal with among other topics, the history of this campus. The second floor provides a hub of activities and services such as: the Knowledge Center, where research help and access to a myriad of campus services can be obtained, and if you happened to be there at the right time, an entertaining Mario Kart tournament can be occurring; make a stop at the Tech Help Desk for help with technology and to consult with our friendly and knowledgeable students; and a visit to the Circulation Desk will provide course readings and other items such as headphones for private listening to online resources. These services and more are here to make your life on campus easier and more productive. We also provide online tutorials, videos, and Research Guides to support Cal Poly Pomona's courses and to provide guidance in using our resources and services.

Important Library resources are our expert librarians and staff, and our competent student assistants. We are here to make your Library experience a good one and to help you succeed at Cal Poly Pomona. Each academic department has an assigned librarian that manages the library collection for that area and is knowledgeable about research in that field. Take advantage of their expertise and make an appointment with your Subject Librarian; it will help you save time and move forward with your projects.

It is appropriate that the Library is located in the center of campus (building 15), since we are the central intellectual and cultural resource of the campus community. I welcome your suggestions on how to make the Library better. You can email me at

Remember, this is your Library!

Emma C. Gibson
Interim Dean, University Library

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