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U.S. History Collection Exhibition

U.S. History Collection Exhibition now on display

A generous U.S. history collection of over 1,200 books from a donor's late husband has been donated to the University Library.  It covers all 45 U.S. presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump, consisting of their biographies and administrations, and also covers other famous figures in U.S. history, such as Robert E. Lee and the Ohio Gang.


Two example titles from the collection are Washington's Spies by Alexander Rose and A Just and Generous Nation by Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle.

Three other example titles are Coolidge by Amity Shlaes, Jack by Geoffrey Perret, and Destiny Calling by Charles Madigan. 


Select pieces of this collection will be featured on the displays on the Fourth Floor of the Library in the "Books PR Language, Literature" area.  See the marked location in red below:


A map of the fourth floor of the library.


The U.S. History Collection Exhibition is available for viewing from September 17, 2019 to December 19, 2019.


Two examples of titles within the collection include Cloud of Glory by Michael Korda and The Ohio Gang by Charles L. Mee Jr.


The University Library would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to our donor for their donation and dedication to student success.


A final image of three example titles from the collection. The President's War by Chris DeRose, The Forgotten Presidents by Michael Gernhardt and The Last of the Presiden'ts Men by Bob Woodward.