University Library

Services for Students with Disabilities

The University Library is committed to providing equal access to services and collections for all Library patrons. Library users with disabilities receive service from the same service points as all other users. Where self-use of Library services or facilities is difficult because of physical disabilities, Library staff will assist patrons in obtaining access to the services and collections in the Library.

Students with disabilities requiring services outside the scope of the Library are directed to Disability Resource Center (Bldg 9, Room 103, ext 3333) for assistance.

Paging Library Materials

Users who have identified desired Library materials but are unable to retrieve them from the stacks should request assistance at the Circulation Desk on the second floor.

Research Assistance

Users who require assistance with research should inquire at the Research Help Desk on the second floor.


Circulation Services staff on the second floor will provide assistance with photocopying.  Patrons are responsible for all copier charges.  Copyright laws will be strictly enforced.  Please call x3075 for assistance.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency/evacuation at the Library, persons with disabilities needing assistance should call (x3075) for assistance from the campus phone located near the elevators and east stairwells on second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth floors or, in the event the phones are not working, go to the nearest stairwell exit and wait for assistance.


Research workstations equipped with assistive hardware, software, and furniture to provide accessibility to users with disabilities are available on the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors.

Database Accessibility

Information on specific databases and their accessibility features can be found on the Library Accessibility Guide.

If we have not specifically addressed your Library-use need in this policy, please contact:

Emma Gibson, Department Chair and Head of Public Services
     Office: 15-2334H
     Phone: 909-869-4351

Larry Huizar, Access Services
     Office: 15-2533C
     Phone: 909-869-3097


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