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Huntley College of Agriculture

College of Business Administration

College of Education & Integrative Studies

College of Engineering

College of Environmental Design

Collins College of Hospitality Management

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

College of Science

By Course Prefix

By Course Prefix
Prefix Department or other unit Librarian
ABM Agribusiness & Food Industry Management Freda Lin
ACC Accounting Julie Shen &  Elizabeth Hernandez
AG Agriculture, College of Freda Lin
AGS Agricultural Science  Freda Lin
AH Art History Alyssa Loera
AHS Animal Health Science  Freda Lin
AMM Apparel Merchandising & Management Sally Romero
ANT Geography & Anthropology Shonn Haren
ARC Architecture Sally Romero
ARO Aerospace Engineering Paul Hottinger
ART Art Alyssa Loera
AST Astronomy Ariel Hahn
AVS Animal & Veterinary Science Freda Lin
BIO Biological Sciences Dept. Ariel Hahn
BUS Business Administration, College of Julie Shen &  Elizabeth Hernandez
CE Civil Engineering  Paul Hottinger
CHE Chemical & Materials Engineering  Paul Hottinger
CHM Chemistry & Biochemistry  Ariel Hahn
CHN English & Modern Languages  Pam Anan
CIS Computer Information Systems  Julie Shen
CLS Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, College of Library Staff
COM Communication  Jennifer Bidwell
CPU Cal Poly University Library Staff
CRM Sociology  Shonn Haren
CS Computer Science  Julie Shen
DAN Dance, Institute of New Alyssa Loera
EBZ E-Business Julie Shen &  Elizabeth Hernandez
EC Economics  Jennifer Bidwell
ECE Electrical & Computer Engineering  Paul Hottinger
ECS Early Childhood Education  Sally Romero
EDD Education  Sally Romero
EDU Education  Sally Romero
EGR Engineering, College of Paul Hottinger
EIS Education and Integrative Studies, College of Sally Romero
EMT Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  Paul Hottinger
ENG English & Modern Languages  Shonn Haren
ENV Environmental Design, College of Sally Romero &   Jennifer Bidwell
ETC Engineering Technology  Paul Hottinger
ETE Engineering Technology  Paul Hottinger
ETM Engineering Technology  Paul Hottinger
EWS Ethnic & Women's Studies  Sally Romero
FRE French Pam Anan
FRL Finance, Real Estate, & Law  Julie Shen (Finance & Real Estate)
FRL Finance, Real Estate, & Law  Elizabeth Hernandez (Law)
FST Nutrition & Food Science Freda Lin
GBA Business Administration, College of Julie Shen &  Elizabeth Hernandez
GED Education  Sally Romero
GEO Geography & Anthropology  Shonn Haren
GER German Pam Anan
GSC Geological Sciences  Ariel Hahn
HRT Hospitality Management, Collins College of  Julie Shen &   Elizabeth Hernandez
HST History  Elizabeth Hernandez &  Jennifer Bidwell
IBM International Business & Marketing  Julie Shen  &   Elizabeth Hernandez
IE Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  Paul Hottinger
IGE Interdisciplinary General Education  Sally Romero
IME Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  Paul Hottinger
INA Architecture  Sally Romero
IPC International Programs Library Staff
KIN Kinesiology & Health Promotion  Ariel Hahn
LA Landscape Architecture  Sally Romero
LRC Learning Resource Center Library Staff
LS Liberal Studies  Sally Romero
MAE Mathematics & Statistics  Ariel Hahn
MAT Mathematics & Statistics  Ariel Hahn
ME Mechanical Engineering  Paul Hottinger
MFE Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  Paul Hottinger
MHR Management & Human Resources  Julie Shen  &   Elizabeth Hernandez
MPA Political Science  Elizabeth Hernandez
MSL Military Science & Leadership (ROTC) Paul Hottinger
MTE Chemical & Materials Engineering  Paul Hottinger
MU Music  Alyssa Loera
NTR Nutrition & Food Science  Freda Lin
PHL Philosophy  Jennifer Bidwell
PHY Physics Ariel Hahn
PLS Political Science  Elizabeth Hernandez
PLT Plant Science  Freda Lin
PSY Psychology  Shonn Haren
RS Regenerative Studies  Jennifer Bidwell
SCI Science, College of Ariel Hahn
SME Science, College of (Science and math education) Ariel Hahn
SOC Sociology  Shonn Haren
SPN English & Modern Languages  Sally Romero  and   Pam Anan
SSC Geography & Anthropology  Shonn Haren
STA Mathematics & Statistics  Ariel Hahn
STS Philosophy  Jennifer Bidwell
SW Social Work Shonn Haren
TED Education, Department (TED, GED) Sally Romero
TH Theatre  Alyssa Loera
TOM Technology & Operations Management  Julie Shen &   Elizabeth Hernandez
URP Urban & Regional Planning  Jennifer Bidwell
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