Reference Instruction

Knowledge Consultant

Knowledge Consultants are bright and friendly service-oriented students who have trained with librarians to learn how to answer the most common library questions and to help students, faculty, and staff navigate the library's physical and virtual resources and services. Knowledge Consultants work at the library's second floor Ciurculation/Reserve and Research Help Desks, where they provide information and help to patrons both face-to-face and via our online chat service. Working as a member of the Knowledge Consultants team provides students with the opportunity to develop important skills that will benefit them academically, professionally, and personally, including advanced research, information literacy, critical thinking, interpersonal, and communication skills.  So if you've got a question, don't hesitate to ask our Knowledge Consultants. They'll provide you with the information you need or connect you with an expert who can!

Could You Be Our Next Knowledge Consultant?

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