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Cal Poly Pomona History

Historical Photographs


This exhibit features many of the interesting events related to the founding and development of Cal Poly Pomona. The photographs have been printed from historic negatives kept in the University Archives and the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library.

The Cal Poly Pomona campus grounds and some of its buildings were once part of an Arabian horse ranch belonging to breakfast cereal pioneer Will Keith Kellogg. W.K. Kellogg was 64 when he took a leisurely trip from his home in Battle Creek, Michigan to Palm Springs, California in November 1924 for some resting, reading and sunbathing. A visit to Chauncey D. Clarkes Point Happy Ranch in Indio ultimately led Mr. Kellogg in 1925 to purchase a group of Arabian horses from the Clarke ranch. Mr. Kellogg then bought acreage in Pomona on which to build a ranch. While the stables were under construction, the horses were boarded at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.

For more information on the history of the Kellogg Arabians and the Kellogg Ranch, consult the following materials:

The Kellogg Arabian Ranch: The First Sixty Years: A Chronicle of Events, 1925-1985 by Mary Jane Parkinson

The Kellogg Arabians: Their Background and Influence by Herbert H. Reese in collaboration with Gladys Brown Edwards. 

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  1926 - Killah, Sotamm, Sherlet, and Amham running in the hill pasture to the west of the original horse stables site.   horses running
               1929 - W.K. Kellogg with Antez     W.K.Kellog with Antez
            1926 - Looking east at the original horse stables.


  Horse stables
              1926 - Valentino and Jadaan.      Valentino and Jadaan


c. 1934 - The Liberty Drill with trainer Mark Smith.     

  The Liberty Drill with trainer
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