To review our retention policy, please refer to the table below.

Content Location Retention1
streaming.cpp.edu or kaltura.com Indefinitely2
Hard copy content (e.g. DVD, flash drive, WeTransfer download link) 1 month
Unpublished production content (i.e. recorded content that did not make the final version) 1 month
Classroom studio recording originals 1 week
Off-line storage 3 years3
video.cpp.edu (old hosting server) 3 years4

1 Duration is based on the date content is either published or delivered to the requester.
2 Content may be removed from online access after one full year of non-use. Content removed in this way will be in off-line storage and able to be accessed upon request.
3 Content in off-line storage can be requested to be made live again on streaming.cpp.edu. Content reactivated in this way will reset all of its retention durations.
4 Content that existed on video.cpp.edu will no longer be available online as of 6/11/2018. Through 6/11/2018 you can request that content be moved to streaming.cpp.edu for continuous use.

The California State University (CSU) has set forth requirements stated by the Accessible Technology Initiative (Executive Order 1111) for all instructional and web material hosted by Cal Poly Pomona or any other CSU entity. Please note that all video materials must contain time-synchronized closed-captions and all audio materials must be accompanied by a verbatim transcript or captions and all instructional materials must be accessible. We ask that you provide a script or transcript to us to ensure your audio or video recording meets these requirements. If you do not have a script MediaVision will provide captioning at no cost for content used as course materials. For content that is not part of course materials MediaVision contracts with a vendor to provide captions at a rate of $99 per hour or $1.65 per minute of video or audio.

Because our standard work hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday to Thursday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the Summer term), we are required to charge for our services that are outside this time period. Depending on the duration and amount of staff required to support your event, charges will vary. Please fill out our Request a Service form to find out more details.

It should also be noted that submitting a request form does not confirm your request will be supported. We receive multiple requests and may not be able to support your event. We will confirm time and location if your event is covered; if we are unable to support your event due to lack of availability, we will let you know.

The majority of our services are of no charge to the campus community, however there are some exceptions.  Charges apply under the following circumstances.

  • Services that are outside of our normal operational hours listed above.
  • Services for non-state funded campus entities such as the Foundation or ASI.  
  • Services for grant funded projects.
  • Non-instructional services that do not support a wide audience (e.g. video conferencing of candidate interviews).
  • Captioning services that do not directly support course instruction and where a transcript/script is not provided.