Standards Of Practices

The Mission of the Ombuds Office is to enhance the campus environment for lifelong learning at Cal Poly Pomona by providing to all university constituencies an accessible, independent, impartial, informal resource for expeditious resolution of problems and conflicts.   The Ombuds seeks to assist in resolutions not as an advocate for any party, but as an advocate for fairness of outcomes.

The Ombuds strives for impartiality, fairness and objectivity in working with individuals toward a resolution.  The Ombuds reports to the University President in a form that does not divulge the identity of individuals who have sought Ombuds services. 

The Ombuds Office will endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of communications, to the extent feasible.  In order to protect the safety of members of the University community, the Ombuds may not be able to maintain the confidentiality of certain disclosures, including but not limited to disclosures regarding public safety, harm to self or others, violations of law, discrimination or sexual harassment.  If your issue concerns sexual harassment or discrimination and you wish to make a formal complaint, you must seek the services of the Office of Equity, Inclusion & Compliance.

The Ombuds Office seeks informal resolutions of disputes, issues or concerns and does not take part in any formal actions or proceedings, such as union grievances or lawsuits.  Communication with the Ombuds is not notice to the university or a step in any grievance process nor does it postpone any timelines for filing complaints or grievances.  If a formal process is already in progress, Ombuds services are not available.

Those seeking the services of the Ombuds Office shall not request the Ombuds or office staff to participate in any legal or administrative proceeding, including but not limited to, depositions or testimony, and shall maintain the confidentiality of all dealings with the Ombuds Office unless compelled to do so by court order or applicable law.