Orientation Services

Transfer Credit Report FAQs

The University makes every attempt to provide incoming transfer students with a transfer credit report at the time of their orientation session. Much depends on the timely receipt of your transcripts.

Item Due Date
Initial College Transcripts* (all college work through Fall 2020) March 15
AP Scores (if applicable) July 15
Final college transcripts (with work through Spring 2021) July 15

*Failure to submit initial transcripts by the stated deadline will result in the withdrawal of your admission.

We strongly recommend you have access to unofficial transcripts handy during Virtual Advising & Registration on your Virtual Orientation Day to assist you in your advising and course registration.

We are working diligently to process all your transcripts that were received by the document deadline into your Transfer Credit Evaluation. Transfer credit continues to be posted up until the day of your orientation session. Make sure you check the night before or even the morning of your Orientation session for any updates.

If you sent your transcript with spring grades by the July 15 deadline, these courses will be posted prior to the add/drop registration period for Fall Semester. However, we advise that you have unofficial transcripts handy to assist with advising and course registration on Virtual Orientation Day.

We do not have articulation agreements with all colleges and universities in the U.S. The campus will award you college units for all courses that are baccalaureate-level and transferable, even if there is no specific CPP course-to-course equivalency. If an articulation does not currently exist for a specific course, you may work with your advisor to submit a petition for course equivalency or course substitution.

Depending on whether there is an established articulation agreement (course-to-course equivalencies) with CPP and your home institution, you will either receive CPP specific course credit or elective credit for everything that is baccalaureate-level (college or university-level). If you think you should be receiving CPP course credit for a specific transfer course, please discuss this with your Academic Advisor in the advising session.

TRN TRN-LD: This means this course does not have a specific CPP course equivalency and that you are receiving general elective credit for this course. This means the units and the grade do count in your unit totals and GPA.

TRN NON-BC: This means that this course is non-baccalaureate (not transferable to a college or university). You are not receiving units or GPA points for this course.

TRN C1: This is an example of a course that fulfills General Education Area C1 but does not have a CPP course equivalency. The units and GPA do count in your totals.

We will review GE Certifications prior to the beginning of advising for Spring 2022 registration.  If you believe you are GE certified from a community college, please work with your advisor to select classes that you have not already taken.  Once we process the certification, your DPR will show all lower-division GE complete. Please note that CPP has an upper-division GE requirement of 3 classes (9 semester units) that all students need to take, even if they have been lower-division GE certified.