African American Student Center


Please visit the African American Student Center to use our Academic Zone and library. Visit the links below for more information about additional resources.

  • Academic Zone: Located within the African American Student Center, the Academic Zone is a computer lab where students can print up to 10 pages free! (10 cents per page after 10 pages)

  • AASC Library: Located within the African American Student Center, the AASC Library is a private collection of books, magazines, and videos relating to African American topics and issues.

Additional Resources

Annual awards are given to incoming and continuing Broncos who exemplify hard work and dedication toward their education and community. 

Students can receive career and internship help. Services provided include resume help and mock interviews.

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Students can receive medical assistance at discounted rates. Services include HIV/AIDS testing, STD/STI testing, vaccinations and low-cost prescriptions.

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Students can receive specialized tutoring or writing assistance for their coursework.

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Information on all student clubs and organizations featuring a wide range of interests and specialties.

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Information on some of the scholarships offered by the university.

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