Leadership Development

Bronco LEAD

The Bronco LEAD Program is Cal Poly Pomona's FREE campus-wide leadership certification program. This co-curriculum-based program focuses on developing leaders across campus by offering leadership based transdisciplinary workshops. Participants will receive credit for attending any workshops, lecture or events sponsored by Bronco LEAD. After completing the curriculum, students will be invited to the Bronco LEADership Luncheon that acknowledges their achievements within the program. The Bronco LEAD program is broken down into the following tiers:


Bronco LEAD 1.0 is the base curriculum of this program. You will become familiar with a variety of resources our campus has to offer by selecting experiences that pique your interests! This curriculum is mandatory of all students participating in the Bronco LEAD Program. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any workshop that does not allow you to prove attendance will be manually entered by the Bronco LEAD Coordinator. This makes signing into the workshops you attend VERY IMPORTANT!

Complete the 2 mandatory requirements:

  • Attend Bronco LEAD's "So, You Think You Can LEAD?" Workshop
  • Submit a 2 page culminating reflection of your experience once you complete all requirements for Bronco LEAD 1.0

Complete at least 6 elective items:

  • Attend a Bronco LEAD workshop (in addition to “So, You Think You Can Lead?”) 
  • Attend a Bronco LEAD-hosted or partnered event 
  • Attend the Bronco LEAD Diversity Workshop 
  • Attend Bronco LEAD’s “LEADing Through Conflict” workshop 
  • Attend a Career Center-sponsored workshop or event  
  • Attend a workshop during the Bronco Student LEADership Conference (Feb 28-Mar 1) 
  • Attend a club/organization meeting (Document it on myBAR portal) 
  • Enroll in a First Year Experience course 
  • Attend an informational session about Study Abroad (Have facilitator sign the flier and upload it to myBAR portal) 
  • Attend the Annual NSLS Leadership Summit 

LEAD 2.0 curriculum is designed for students who seek a more profound understanding of their identity as leaders and wish to go deeper than the foundational basis of LEAD 1.0. You will further your own development by cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself through engagement in a wide variety of campus experiences. You will be able to articulate what leadership means to you and gain awareness of the skills you need to further develop your leadership abilities. 

Please Note: Completing the Bronco LEAD 2.0 curriculum is NOT mandatory unless you wish to earn LEAD 2.0 certification. Additionally, you cannot advance to LEAD 2.0 without LEAD 1.0 certification.

Complete the 5 mandatory requirements:

  • Receive Bronco LEAD 1.0 certification through completion of curriculum 
  • Volunteer at a large-scale Cultural Center event (ex: Assist with Cultural Center graduation) 
  • Register for and attend at least one Ally Training 
  • Become an active member of a registered club or student organization 
  • Complete the Wellness Card Program  

Complete 2 electives items of your choice:

  • Attend a Bronco LEAD-hosted or partnered event 
  • Conduct an Informational Interview with CPP faculty/staff or someone in your desired career field 
  • Register for and attend a conference  
  • Participate in Intergroup Dialogue or Diversity Dialogues series 
  • Join the Diversity Ambassador Program (Application required) 
  • Attend the Cross-Cultural Retreat (Application required) 
  • Meet with a Health Educator 
  • Create and Complete a Self-Care Activity Sheet (Attain from Health Center) 
  • Pass EWS 1400 - Intro to Ethnic Studies 
  • Pass EWS 2900 or EWS 2900S – Multicultural Leadership 

Bronco LEAD 3.0 is the final level, in which you will apply the knowledge and skills that you acquired in the first two levels of the program. Instead of "LEARN by Doing," students will "LEAD by Doing" through service opportunities listed below. 

Please Note: Completing the Bronco LEAD 3.0 curriculum is NOT mandatory unless you wish to earn LEAD 3.0 certification. Additionally, you cannot advance to LEAD 3.0 without LEAD 2.0 certification 

Complete the 3 mandatory requirements:

  • Receive certification for LEAD 1.0 and 2.0  
  • Present a poster at the Bronco LEADership Conference 

Complete 4 electives items of your choice:

If you wish to complete the Bronco LEAD Program, you must progress through the three-tiered curriculum track of the program. In other words, you can participate in LEAD 3.0-level activities at any time as a student, but you cannot be LEAD 3.0-certified unless you have completed LEAD 1.0 and 2.0 requirements

Each Spring semester, those who complete any level of Bronco LEAD will be honored at a culminating ceremony. Seniors who complete Bronco LEAD 3.0 will earn a graduation sash, in addition to a certificate of completion. 

For Questions please contact:

James Rocker 

Interim Senior Coordinator (He, Him, His)