Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers


Building Common Ground

(1 hour)

This workshop focuses on varying identities, perspectives, and social backgrounds of participants. An intentional flag activity and dialogue allow participants to share about themselves, including identities that are associated with power and privilege.

Microaggressions and Cultural Appropriation

(1 hour)

Microaggressions are intentional and/or unintentional biased actions via staring, body language, questions, assumptions, and can be prejudice to a community of people and/or persons based on their perceived identity. Microaggressions and cultural appropriation impact campus community services and programming, which can impact student retention and a sense of belonging. This session focuses on the recognition of microaggressions and how to effectively address the behavior.

Historical and Current Climate for Diverse Student Populations

(1.5 Hours)

This workshop seeks to create awareness and understanding of the diverse population of students of color at Cal Poly Pomona and Queer and Trans students. This includes historical context for the cultural centers, student movements on campus, and the climate for these populations nationally using engaging activities.

Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, and Gender Expression Awareness

(1.5 hours)

This workshop will create an understanding of participants for the differentiation of gender identity, gender expression, and sexual identity. In collaboration, the Pride Center and Womxn’s Resource Center will provide discussions of historical womxn and LGBTQ movements, along with discussions of privilege and oppression related to gender.

Power, Privilege, and Accomplices vs. Allyship

(1.5 Hours)

This session will explore power and privilege and how they are manifested in our daily experiences in our society. This workshop creates awareness and an action-oriented mentality around the power and privilege each person has.

Exploring Your Social Identities

(1.5 Hours)

This session will allow participants to explore their social identities, where their values come from and why, and understand their place in the Cal Poly Pomona community and the world. This is a facilitated activity that guides participants to answer the question: Who am I?

Inclusive Communication

(1 Hour)

Inclusive language is language that is free from words, phrases, or tones that reflect prejudiced, stereotyped, discriminatory, or oppressive views of particular people or groups. This session will explore strategies on how leaders can practice using inclusive communication in their everyday lives and educate others to do the same