Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

Advisor Resources

Being an advisor to a student organization is a rewarding experience for both the advisor and the students.  As such, the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers would like to recognize the importance of your role as faculty and staff who serve as advisors to Cal Poly student organizations.
To strengthen our partnership, we have provided you with information and resources that will assist you in cultivating and sustaining these organizations.  

Advisor Workshop

There are many resources and policy updates to share on an annual basis. We have developed an online training to provide support and keep you informed as an advisor. 
Accessing Advisor Workshop:
1. Log into Blackboard
2. Click on Organizations
3. Type "BCORC Online" into the Organization Search
4. Select "17_ST_SE_BCORC"
5. Click on Enroll
6. Type in the Access Code: GOBRONCOS
7. You will receive a confirmation stating "Action Successful"
8. Go back to "My Blackboard" and under "My Organizatons" you will find "BCORC Online" click on it to be directed to the online Workshop
9. Click on "Advisor Workshop"