Womxn's Resource Center


#Grrrlsquad is a volunteer group ran by the Womxn’s Resource Center to create an ethic of care for womxn on campus. The mission of #Grrrlsquad is to provide the community of womxn at Cal Poly Pomona with support, encouragement, empowerment, and overall confidence to rock their time here at Cal Poly.

Being a member of #Grrrlsquad is a great low commitment way to start involvement with the Womxn’s Resource Center and Cultural Centers on campus.  Members will learn how to navigate campus, promote events, plan support initiatives, and develop leadership skills in a team setting.


All participating members will be given a #grrrlsquad shirt and other WRC swag to promote the WRC throughout the year. In addition, food will be provided to members during shifts that cover a meal time. Hours spent in membership with the #Grrrlsquad will be tracked through service hours on MyBAR.

Members need to commit 2-3 hours per week to the program. This includes squad meetings, event shifts, and membership hours. Members are required to attend squad meetings only two excused absences will be permitting before suspension of membership. Members are expected to check e-mail on a regular basis and respond in a prompt manner. Hours per week can be achieved through the following opportunities:

  • Tabling for #grrrlsquad
  • Passing out postcards for upcoming events
  • Distributing posters for upcoming events
  • Staking posters around campus
  • Event shifts
  • Attendance at designated athletic events