Enroll in Direct Deposit - Use Our Secure Online Enrollment Form

Direct Deposit is a program that allows for the automatic deposit of your net earnings into the financial institution of your choice.  Employees, including student assistants, can now utilize a secure (encrypted) online form to enroll in direct deposit.

What are some of the reasons for enrolling in Direct Deposit?
  • Avoidance of long lines at your financial institution on pay day.
  • Convenient and consistent deposit of earnings in spite of business absences, vacations or illnesses.
  • Security in the knowledge that pay warrants cannot be lost, stolen or forged.
  • Less risk of error due to a pay warrant being lost or misdirected by your financial institution.
To Enroll:

It takes the SCO approximately 60 days to set up the direct deposit. To get started, please use your Cal Poly Pomona login credentials to complete and submit our secure (encrypted) online form:
Online Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Register with CEC to View Your Earnings Statements and W-2 Forms

A new secure, web-based employee self-service portal, called Cal Employee Connect (CEC), is now available through the State Controller’s Office.   Through CEC you can view your paycheck advice statements (earnings statements) and W-2 forms.  Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes.

How to Register: 

To register and get started, grab one of your recent earnings statements (from the last six months) and go to:

You will be asked to identify your department/campus from a drop-down list. You will find our campus listed as “CSU Pomona.”  Follow the prompts to register using your email address. You may use any email to register, but the SCO recommends using your personal email in case you lose access to your work email due to an employment status change.

During the brief registration process, you will need to provide your Social Security Number, date of birth, and some information from an earnings statement issued within the last six months in order to complete your initial registration.

Log In Information:

Once you register for CEC, you can log in to view your Earnings Statements and your W-2 forms using most internet-connected devices, including your mobile phone.

If you have trouble logging in or forget your CEC User Name, try the forgot username feature. If you still need assistance, please email


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