Direct Deposit

The Schedule of Dates for Direct Deposit Postings is provided below, however, you should contact the Direct Deposit Coordinator at your financial institution for the date and time of day that direct deposit postings are made.

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Faculty - All Bargaining Unit 3 employees are eligible. 

Staff - Because the direct deposit enrollment process takes approximately 45-60 days, the eligibility requirement for staff is that the length of their appointment exceed 90 calendar days.

Student Assistants - Students in all student classifications are eligible to enroll.

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Complete and submit our new Online Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (use your Cal Poly Pomona Login credentials).

Note : The employee is entirely responsible for the information provided on the Enrollment Authorization form, so please make sure you complete the form correctly.  The Direct Deposit Coordinator at your bank can assist you.

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Allow up to 60 days from the date your enrollment form is submitted to Payroll Services for the first direct deposit of your pay. After the direct deposit goes into effect, you will continue to receive the Statement of Earnings and Deductions. In lieu of your paycheck you will receive a non-negotiable Direct Deposit Advice notice.

You may cancel your direct deposit at any time or Payroll Services/State Controller's Office may cancel your direct deposit under the following conditions:

  • Your Direct Deposit payment is returned (e.g., due to a closed account or invalid routing number); or
  • You have requested a disability benefit; or
  • It is necessary to recover/prevent overpayments; or
  • Your attendance pattern could result in an overpayment; or
  • It is necessary to issue you a salary advance; or
  • Under certain bankruptcy conditions.

You will be notified by Payroll Services if you are removed from the program.

Each year during June and December, an automatic Direct Deposit cancellation is processed by the State Controller's Office for any employee who does not have active or on-leave employment status. In the case that the direct deposit is cancelled and the employee returns to active employment status, a new Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form must be completed by the employee and submitted to Payroll Services for processing.

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To change your Direct Deposit account, complete and submit a new enrollment form. Your current active enrollment will be cancelled and within 45 to 60 days, your direct deposit will be redirected to your new account and/or new financial institution. This time lapse may cause at least one regular paycheck to be sent to the campus.

It is extremely important to leave your old account open until your first payment is deposited into your new account. If your old account is closed before you notify the State Controller's Office of the change, the payment will be rejected by the financial institution and a paycheck will not be issued until the payment returns to the Controller's Office.

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