Payroll Services


Paychecks and direct deposit notices are distributed through the Cashier’s Office and released to the authorized department representative. All departments have an assigned department representative that picks up and distributes paychecks for all employees. Employees should contact their department representative to obtain information on paycheck distribution procedures for your department.

Go to Human Resources/Payroll Customer Service Center (SSB-121-W-2700) to fill-out a "Request for Duplicate Controller's Warrant/Stop Payment Form." The processing of this request can take 2-4 weeks. If you have a partially destroyed warrant, bring all of the pieces with you as this may expedite the issuance of a replacement warrant.

For information and eligibility requirements, see Direct Deposit.

No, you must re-file your tax "exempt" status every January or it will automatically revert to “Single” status with 0 (zero) allowances. To change/update your income tax withholding, complete the Employee Action Request Form

All employees need to change their address with Payroll Services. Changes to addresses will update your personnel records in Human Resources, Payroll Services and with CalPERS. You may also want to update your address with your department. You may make changes to your home and/or mailing address online at MyCPP.

Note: The University uses the mailing address for official transmittal of your W-2 and other payroll documents. All changes must be completed by December 10th of each year to ensure W-2 mailing accuracy.

You are eligible for a distribution after you separate from all State employment. Your eligibility will be verified before payment is issued. For more information on withdrawing your contributions contact the Savings Plus Program at (855) 616-4776 or at

W-2's are mailed to your mailing address on or before January 30th of each year. If you do not receive your W-2 by the end of February, you should contact Payroll Services at extension 2233.

Duplicate W-2 forms are not retained locally at Cal Poly Pomona. If you lose your W-2, or require a duplicate copy for another reason a printout of information contained on your W-2 information can be obtained by contacting Payroll Services at extension 2233.  An actual duplicate W-2 Form can be ordered through the State Controller’s Office at a cost of $8.50 per duplicate by completing Duplicate Wage and Tax Statement Request (pdf).  Please follow the instructions on the form.

Vacation and sick leave credits are determined by the type of position you hold with the university, as well as your status (full-time, part-time, hourly, etc). You can login to MyCPP to access PeopleSoft Employee Self Service to view your leave balances.