Donor Advised Funds: A Powerful Way to Give

Donor Advised Funds flowchart

There are three key reasons why a Cal Poly Pomona Donor Advised Fund is an important gift option. A donor advised fund allows you to:

  1. Influence our ongoing education mission and participate in deciding how your gift makes the greatest impact.
  2. Benefit from a charitable deduction.
  3. Enjoy a widespread, lasting philanthropic impact without having to set up a private foundation.

Accomplish Your Goals

At Cal Poly Pomona, we know that donors have many reasons for making gifts-from the desire to help future students reach personal success to honoring a loved one to simply wanting to make a difference and leave the world a better place. Whatever your reason for giving, the good news is there is a simple, effective, and tax-efficient way to give through our donor advised fund. A donor advised fund is a powerful tool for accomplishing philanthropic goals while benefiting from a current tax deduction.

Who Should Consider a Donor Advised Fund?

Donors who want to make an immediate difference should consider a donor advised fund. Closely held stock and real estate are among the gift property that can be used to establish a donor advised fund. But whatever the type of gift, a donor advised fund can be a very useful option for a donor who wants to:

  • Make a substantial gift ($250,000 minimum)
  • Participate in deciding how the assets are put to use
  • Avoid the complexity involved in establishing a private foundation

What are Donor Advised Funds at Cal Poly Pomona?

When you participate in our donor advised fund, your gift (cash, securities, real estate, closely held stock or other assets deemed suitable by the Foundation) will be placed in an account in your name. We will then invest your contributions and work in partnership with you to administer the gift to benefit eligible charitable organizations. Your choice of charitable beneficiaries is always taken into account, but we retain the right to make the final determination of the use of the gift, as the law requires.

What Are the Benefits?

As a donor, you can enjoy more than the personal satisfaction of making a difference when you donate to our donor advised funds. Some benefits include:

  • An immediate charitable deduction
  • No administrative burdens-we do all the investing, fund management and tax reporting
  • Simple donation and distribution procedures
  • No excise taxes (unlike a private foundation)
  • Name recognition for you or your company (or anonymity, if you prefer)

Will the Gift Make an Immediate Impact?

Yes! Donor advised funds at Cal Poly Pomona are a flexible vehicle for donors who want to make an immediate impact and enjoy the opportunity to make ongoing contributions.

Let Us Help

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This description is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or tax advice. Please consult your own counsel with any questions.